Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hari Wilayah Special: Nike Sportswear and Nike Athletic Dept. x Kuala Lumpur Tees

I'm true blood Selangorian there and there but I actually spent most of my time in Kuala Lumpur since it is where Lowyat.NET HQ is located and it is also pretty much the centre of everything here in this country. So, over the years my love for the city grew more and more as days went by.

Hence, I'm proud to wear these tees wherever I may be. I love Kuala Lumpur too damn much, heh.

I can't remember when I actually acquired this Nike Sportswear x Kuala Lumpur tee but as you can see from its faded condition, it is indeed one of my favourite tees. Since it was released in several colors few years ago, I've been trying to find another piece for quite some time but couldn’t find one that can fit me. So if you somehow found one – XL size – do let me know.

Meanwhile, this Nike Athletic Dept. Skittle tee - I don't know its official name, really - is my latest acquisition which took place...yesterday! It is one of those shirts that you look, take and just give your money to the cashier without even thinking. Just check out the design; it represents so many things about KL and Malaysia as a whole - teh tarik, 1957, the word Jom and of course, the ever popular Malaysia Boleh chant - in the shape of Nike's iconic Dunk shoe.

Not to forget that this is a rare design, as only a handful of cities throughout the world have it like London, New York, Kyoto and Shanghai (through NIKEiD) together with Harajuku and Singapore (which I saw personally at their Wisma Atria flagship store sometime last year). Is that cool or what?

Now, it is time to listen to Altimet and Noh Salleh's Kotarayaku inside my iPod. Happy Federal Territory Day, fellow KLites!


Anonymous said...

do they still have these in store??? damn I slept on these!

Unknown said...

The Nike Sportswear x Kuala Lumpur tee is not available anymore I believe since it was released around 2 - 3 years ago but the Skittle tee is still around. Try find it at Nike Sunway Pyramid and KLCC. :D

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