Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day At Nike Football Elite Training Live Session

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 11

Around two weeks ago, Lowyat.NET was invited by Nike Malaysia to check out their new football grassroot program - through their partnership with Football Association of Malaysia - called Nike Elite Training Live. Taken place at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya, it was not a normal boring presentation since they actually put me and fellow media friends in the field to taste the training ourselves; which are based on Nike Football+ Master Control series developed by Juventus FC.

So, there we were with the Dri-Fit complete jerseys together and the new T90 Laser III boots. Enough with words then; roll on the pics!

Caution: Image-heavy post!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Never Take A Ride With Taxi Drivers That Wears Racing Suit

If you see your taxi driver dons a racing suit, GET THE FUCK OUT. Never trust a driver that wears a racing suit.

Actually, you can always trust them because they definitely can drive superbly good but it ain't going to be comfy for you my friend, LOL.

Energizer Night Race 2010: Let's Go!

::: Chief Chapree ::: - image hosted by
A preview of the run, this one was from the event at Korea.

Truth to be told, I really like running and sports in general. However, for all my 27 years of life, I only managed to participate in a 15km run once. That was like back in 1997 or 1998 - really like zaman tok kaduk dulu yo.

So, when I felt in love again with running - thanks to my recent encounter with Nike Running (refresher fer ya - 1 2) few months back, I thought to myself "Hey, maybe I should join a proper running event again,". With that, here I am, all excited for the 2nd running event ever in my life - the 10km leg of Energizer Night Race 2010 on 27th March at Cyberjaya.

I originally intended to join the 10km leg of Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 but I didn't get to register on time. So, imagine my joy when I actually got to register for the Energizer event. Please excuse my overwhelm happiness, LOL. ^___^

Somemore, couple of friends are also joining the run; like Jen (if were not for her FB link, I wouldn't know about the Energizer run), Ganeash, Fazri and Chee Minh together with many others that I've yet to find out. Its always awesome to meet familiar faces, which added to the excitement.

All in all, totally can't wait, yo. Meanwhile, are you joining the run? Buzz me up then! The more the merrrier mah, ho ho ho :D

[image: Energizer Night Race 2010 Facebook Page]

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Is It: Inmates Dancing With MJ's Actual Choreographer and Dancers

Chief Chapree - image hosted by

Who watched Micheal Jackson's This Is It at cinemas that day? To cut the story short, while I was fascinated with all the efforts that they did in creating the concert, it was also an emotional movie for me.

You see, I was too young to go to concerts when he made his stop in Malaysia few years ago. I would say that this movie is the closest thing I can get to watching him live, since he's already passed away...

So, while I checking out more information about the movie's home video release, I stumbled upon this excellent video showing the "Dancing Inmates" in Philippines, dancing to the exact same move that MJ would executes at his This Is It show, if he still around.

Hit the jump link for the video.

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