Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Is It: Inmates Dancing With MJ's Actual Choreographer and Dancers

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Who watched Micheal Jackson's This Is It at cinemas that day? To cut the story short, while I was fascinated with all the efforts that they did in creating the concert, it was also an emotional movie for me.

You see, I was too young to go to concerts when he made his stop in Malaysia few years ago. I would say that this movie is the closest thing I can get to watching him live, since he's already passed away...

So, while I checking out more information about the movie's home video release, I stumbled upon this excellent video showing the "Dancing Inmates" in Philippines, dancing to the exact same move that MJ would executes at his This Is It show, if he still around.

Hit the jump link for the video.

Man, got to say that is like the King of Pop himself were there at the prison and dances together with them.

Meanwhile, Sony has finally released the behind the scene documentary movie for home enjoyment and it is already available at movie retailers near you. I checked out the prices for This Is It at Rock Corner, One Utama recently and they are priced from RM 59.90 to RM 179.90 depending on which version (standard or special edition) or media (DVD or Blu-Ray) that you chooses.

Gonna get it for sure soon. :)

[Photo credits: Sony Pictures]

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