Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Is So Hard These Days

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Pensil patah, yo.

As of late, I found myself having trouble to write. I mean, not that I'm out of things to say or anything. Really, it is still not hard to find a topic/subject to write about but...entahlah.

After I get the initial draft done, I would found myself rewriting them again and again. 1 time...2 times...3 times...5 times...10 times, I lost count. This lead to productivity lost which are really bothering me.

Not only that, this "slowness" would also affect my free time which are already limited as it is, with other commitments such as uni, gym, quality time with missus and family. I felt so disappointed and sad whenever I have to tell the missus that I'm still occupied with work and I would be late in meeting her. I felt sad when I don't get to post here more often and etc etc etc.

It just sucks, you know. All in all, I've no idea why I suddenly becomes like this but I somehow think its related to this "insecure" situation that I found myself into. Yeah, most probably it is because not once in a day that I would not think of it.

The problem is I've no solution for it...more like, I've no time to provide a solution for it. So far, the situation asks me to wait and survive. *tsk tsk tsk* Well, at least I got something to hold onto. Hope things going to change for the better soon.

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