Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Fine Saturday at MAS Touchdown @ SKYPARK Terminal

Ahhh...Subang's Terminal 3. Now with a new name, SKYPARK Terminal, I used to went through this place a lot of time during school holidays back when I studied in Kota Bharu. This was before everything shifted to yeah, haven't been there for quite a while.

Three pesawat with Pesawat's autograph. Berapa banyak pesawat daaaaa...

Since I pretty much go to airport only to fly in and fly out (haven't got the chance to do in quite a long while); or to pickup/greet people, I felt a bit weird coming to airport for casual visit. But it was all good, because we were there for MAS Touchdown @ SKYPARK Terminal event. Story continues after the jump.

So, the event not only about Malaysia Airlines and Firefly (FOKKKKERRR...oh wait, they already replaced them with ATR planes XD) but also, about charity, music and shopping! Ok la, I'm not really in a position to shop but then I did managed to find two cool deal at Bijou Bazzar @ MAS Touchdown:

Can't believe a shoe this fine is only RM 20. But then, it's too small. RAGE ensures.

A pair of Onitsuka Tiger for only RM 20 - DUA PULUH RINGGIT SAJA WEH, MANA NAK DAPAT LAGI? The problem is...the size. It's in size 4, FFFFFFFUUUUUUU, TIM KAAAAIIII? T_T

Yummy, almost lickable.

Crafted In Japan '62 Fender Stratocaster for RM 2.5k. In general, I'm not a fan of that bridge pickup mod, but for 2.5k, it ain't bad a deal. Plus, since the other pups are Noiseless, guess what we got here is kinda nice..

You can pay by installment somemore. So, if you interested, you can give a call to Jeffery (017-6951105). He also got a Epiphone Goth Series Flying V - in full stock condition, no mod - and couple of small amps for sale.

Oh oh oh, excuse my temporaral geek-out just out. But really, outside from these two, nothing else caught my eyes. From my observation, most of the items was for the fairer sex; even if they were for male, they were too small for me. So, the missus and her friend was having a very great time browsing through the variety of selection.

The sweet Liyana. *wheeeee*

As for music, they have couple of independent artists performing from morning till the end of the event. Since we arrived quite late, we didn't get to catch much music (so sorry George, we want to see you perform so bad >.<). We were only able to catch Liyana Fizi and Pesawat.

These two band already pretty well known and as usual, their performance were top notch. I don't have any need to add more awesome stories about them, you just got to see them yourselves.

Pesawat with one of the airplane model's bidder.

So far, I've mentioned about shopping and, where's the charity part? According to the event's official site (, proceeds from this event - - sales, auctions and donations - goes to Women’s Aid Organisation, Bandar Harapan Organic Farm and Food Bank for the Poor. It is just too bad that I didn't get to contribute more than my morale support...I'm just too poor to bid for the cheap airline tickets (return tickets to Melbourne for only RM 2000, say what?) or that Airbus A380-800 airplane models! :(

All in all, it was a pretty good day for all of us. Kudos to Malaysia Airlines for having the event although it was a little bit out of place. Maybe they should do it during MAS Travel Fair or their other promotional event...wait, is (physical) MAS Travel Fair still around? Damn, it has been that long. I really really need to fly again. >.<

[pictures are taken by missus or her friend - puteriferry. The Onitsuka is moi.]

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