Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Music Wednesday Fresh Edition: Yuna's Live Your Life, Produced By Pharrell

While Yuna might has just launched her latest album - Terukir Di Bintang - but truth to be told, I'm more interested (or rather curious) on the work that she did in United States recently especially with the renowned Grammy-winning producer, Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes/N.E.R.D fame. Live Your Life happens to be one of them which was just released on iTunes yesterday.

Click play to listen to Yuna's Live Your Life.

I really love the song's infectious hip-hop/RnB-infused drum beats which works in hand with the song's groovy basslines and laid back piano tunes. It's very fresh - something that is very different from Yuna's usual melodic acoustic-based pieces - but make not mistake, it is still Yuna's there and there due to her signature voice.

Apparently, this is just one of five tracks that she and Pharrell worked on together. Can't wait to check the rest of them as well as Yuna's new release this spring.

Source: Yuna Music, Fader, eCentral, and

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chap Run Chap: 2012 Is The Year to #MakeItCount

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Towards the finish line at Nike We Run KL 2011. (Photo courtesy of Cheem Photography)

Just like what I've mentioned in previous post, it has been almost one month since I last ran. Hence, it is now time to get my butt off the chair (as well as the non-stop food munching) and kick start the program for 2012.

For the time being, I've yet to decide which event I'm going to participate in 2012 but standard events such as Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon, Malakoff 12K KL and Nike We Run KL are already shortlisted by default in my calendar. I also plan to participate in Nike We Run series in other countries such as Singapore and South Korea (yes, blame Running Man for this! xD ) but of course, that depends on available time and financial resources.

In terms of distance, I want to keep it within 15km once again but this year, the target is to DESTROY and ANNIHILATE my Personal Best (PB) for 10K which currently stands at 1h 10m 15s. I want to make sure that I set a good benchmark before I move on to longer distance.

So in summary, my objectives in 2012 are very simple: go faster and finish stronger. Not to forget, it is also the year to make it count. Let's do this! :D

Don't forget to add me on Nike+ through this profile: See you on the road! :D

Chap Run Chap: 2011 vs 2010 - Statistically Speaking

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2010 (left) vs 2011 (right) in numbers according to my Nike+ stats.

I always knew that I ran less in 2011 but I never knew that the difference between 2011 and 2010 was really significant until I took a look at my Nike+ stats earlier today. It was 100km shorter! Bad Chap, bad! >.<

On another hand, it seems that my pace was slightly faster than 2010. Not by much though but I take whatever I can. :D

Meanwhile, it has been one month since I last ran in 2011. With February looming around, it is time to get back on the road to clock the mileage. The first stride after a long break is always the hardest, urgh.

Don't forget to add me on Nike+ through this profile: See you on the road! :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday: Foo Fighters' The Pretender

"Keep you in the dark,
You know they all pretend...

Truth to be told, all of us are just a pretender. It's just a matter how good is one at pretending as well as the purpose.

Scary thoughts aside, if you haven't heard of it yet...Foo Fighters is coming to our region this coming March! Even though they are going to perform in Singapore instead of Kuala Lumpur, I already secured my ticket with the help of a friend. The ticket is pretty expensive after currency conversion but come's the Foos, man!.

Looking forward to catch the show this March! \m/

Video-sauce: Foo Fighters.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

FFFUUU Tales: Not Sure If She's...


...and just like that I think I just heard my saham among girls went down the drain. So totally worth it though. xD

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Annoying Mandarin Orange: The Long Lost Cousin of Annoying Orange

If there is a fruit that is closely associated with Chinese New Year, that would be mandarin orange - thanks to its status as the symbol for abundance and good fortune. Somehow, there is a troll among many mandarin oranges in this world...its the Annoying Mandarin Orange! *gasp*

Truth to be told, this is one of the better spoof of the world famous Annoying Orange. One might ask what's with all those product placements? Well, Naga DDB is an advertising agency - one of the largest in the country too - and those are all their clients. Still, this is one awesome CNY message or commercial if you want to call it that way.

Meanwhile, Happy Chinese New Year to all who visited my joint. Yeah, you. All seven of you. xD Have a great break and catch up with you very soon. :D

Video-sauce: YouTiup.

Friday, January 20, 2012

True Story Bro: Sh*t Gamers Say

Its funny but heck, I believe I've said every single sentence that were portrayed on the video above (minus the IGN promo at the end of the video, of course). True story there, bro.

Source: IGN.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't Sleep On This: CLOT x Nike Tennis Classic AC Launch At Juice KL Tomorrow

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Oh hey, more kicks for Chinese New Year! This time around, it is a product of collaboration between Hong Kong streetwear powerhouse CLOT and Nike Sportswear. Using the evergreen Tennis Classic as base model, CLOT draped it with suede upper together with red inner, heel tab and Swoosh.

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Apparently it will be released in a very limited quantity throughout the world and Juice KL in Bangsar happens to be one of the drop venue. Priced at RM 359, the CLOT x Nike Tennis Classic AC will be released at the store from 12 noon onwards. If you plan to cop one, make sure that you...DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!

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Product shots: Juice KL and Nike Malaysia

#MakeItCount Teaser: What Is Nike Cooking for 19 Jan 2012?

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Today, Nike will be unveiling a new product that is said to be "designed for all kinds of playmakers" and judging for this trailer, it belongs to Nike+ family. Here is where it get interesting: Nike+ technology and products currently revolved around running (and to some extent, football) but the teaser trailer also showed quite a number of sports outside of running such skateboarding, basketball and aerobic.

I really eager to see what is this all about because as you can see, I'm a Nike+ user as well as a big fan of the technology. After all, it was one of the reason why I started running again. It will be awesome to see the technology being applied to other sports.

ChiefChapree.NET - Image Hosted by

Well, let's see how it goes. Only few hours left before it is revealed anyway.

Source: Nike

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Sleep On This: Nike Air Force 1 Year of The Dragon Hits Malaysia Tomorrow

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2012 - it's the year of the dragon, baby! So, in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, the Swoosh fam has come up with a four shoe collection to celebrate the arrival of the Year of The Dragon and one of them is coming exclusively to Sole What 1 Utama tomorrow.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme "Year of The Dragon" is essentially made of a black upper with a white sole that are enhanced with lots of reference to the legendary being such as dragon and clouds embroidery around its upper as well as the word "Dragon" in Chinese character on the heel panel. Not to forget, the dragon-themed motives on its tongue and insole.

ChiefChapree.NET - Image Hosted by

ChiefChapree.NET - Image Hosted by

On top of all that, you just got to love the XXX deubré on the shoe and AF1-XXX shoe box which signifies the 30th anniversary of the legendary Air Force 1 series this year.

ChiefChapree.NET - Image Hosted by

Do visit Sole What 1 Utama as soon as possible tomorrow if you planning to cop them to hype up your Chinese New Year celebration. So...DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!

The Nike Air Force 1 "Year of the Dragon" is priced at RM 579, exclusively at Sole What 1 Utama.

Apart from Air Force 1 Supreme, the collection is also made of Air Jordan 2012, Nike Kobe VII System Supreme and Nike Zoom KD IV. It is not known whether these three are coming to Malaysia or not but if you are a sneaker head, I'm sure you have a way to get them anyway.

Actual product image shot: Sole What. Ad: Nike Taiwan via Sneaker Freaker.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday: LeeSsang's The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave

Oh hey, first post of 2012.

Some of you that followed me on Twitter might have heard my recent obsession with a Korean variety show called Running Man. As weird as it might sound, I actually discovered some new music through the show.

Apart from SNSD (DON'T JUDGE ME! :p ), I also started to listen to a rap/R&B duo called LeeSsang - thanks to the fact that one of its members, Kang Gary is part of Running Man's cast. I didn't pay attention at first - was busy laughing at all the hilarious stuff happening in Running Man - until one day, I was curious enough to browse around YouTube for LeeSsang's songs and was hooked up immediately.

Furthermore, many of their lyrics mean something to me which made their music pretty enjoyable to say the least. Am currently still going through its latest album Asura Balbalta and some of their older well-known hits like the one above. So, really looking forward to dive deeper into their discography very soon. :D

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