Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Music Wednesday Fresh Edition: Yuna's Live Your Life, Produced By Pharrell

While Yuna might has just launched her latest album - Terukir Di Bintang - but truth to be told, I'm more interested (or rather curious) on the work that she did in United States recently especially with the renowned Grammy-winning producer, Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes/N.E.R.D fame. Live Your Life happens to be one of them which was just released on iTunes yesterday.

Click play to listen to Yuna's Live Your Life.

I really love the song's infectious hip-hop/RnB-infused drum beats which works in hand with the song's groovy basslines and laid back piano tunes. It's very fresh - something that is very different from Yuna's usual melodic acoustic-based pieces - but make not mistake, it is still Yuna's there and there due to her signature voice.

Apparently, this is just one of five tracks that she and Pharrell worked on together. Can't wait to check the rest of them as well as Yuna's new release this spring.

Source: Yuna Music, Fader, eCentral, and

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strifemare said...

Not to mention I've never heard Kompang beats sound SO good :D

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