Sunday, June 5, 2011

Balls of Steel: World's First BMX Triple Backflip

ChiefChapree.NET|Image hosted by

It started with single...then double...and now, the backflip limit has reached the realms of triplets. The fearless Middle Earth New Zealander, Jed Milton went down a giant ramp and pull off the world's first TRIPLE backflip just recently at his native home.

Seeing from the sidelines is one thing but the helmet-cam view is just off the hook:

Dude didn't just go gungho on the ramp but as expected from any crazy attempts like this, dude did quite some preparation as shown in this behind the scene clip. So, now that triple backflip is done and done...who going to break this limit next?

[Source: Unit Clothing. Image: Vital BMX]

WeekendChap: Who Need Doors When You Can Enter The Car Like A Boss

Think only NASCAR drivers enter their cars through window? Wrong. This dude does that too. Better at it as well, lol.

Did I mentioned one of his hand is in cast, as well? Truly a bawse.

[Source: YouTube]

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