Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Kicks Alert] CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 SP To Land At Juice KL On 21 September

After making its debut in Shanghai earlier this month, the new CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 SP will finally land in Malaysia this week. Obviously, the brand chooses their own flagship store - Juice Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar - as their preferred spot to release the new shoes.

Here’s how CLOT described their latest collaboration piece with Nike:

The Nike Air Max 1 CLOT shoe focuses on material and design as a source of expression with the use of mesh and a hint of green accents that standout among the cement color schemes. The new Hyperfuse see-through mesh toe box is a revision from the previous plastic that was used.

Within the shoe, the sockliners reveal the meridian map of the lower limb, ending at the pressure point Yongquan. The precise position of Yongquan is one of the most important pressure points of the body, connecting the person to the earth. The pressure point is precisely marked on the bottom sole of the shoe.

In addition, the heels of each shoe displays the CLOT and Nike Shen logo in between long braids that are a personal trademark of MC Yan.

Unfortunately, the release at Juice KL will not come with the special packaging as it was made exclusively for Juice Hong Kong and Juice Online.

The price for Clot x Nike Air Max 1 SP has been set at RM 599 and will be made available on the first come, first serve basis starting from 12pm. So, make your way to Juice KL at Bangsar this coming Saturday, 21 September if you plan to cop a pair home.

[Source: Juice KL @ Facebook, CLOT]

Monday, September 16, 2013

[Hari Malaysia]: "Harimau Malaya, Everywhere" - My Little Tale For 50×50 My Malaysia Project

If you have been reading this blog or stalked followed all my rants + nonsense through Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, you might have noticed that I like to wear our national football team - the Harimau Malaya - jersey whenever I was on assignment outside the country.

The reason? Well, that is the subject of my...I actually don’t know what to call it – short story, article, blog post, writings...entitled “Harimau Malaya, Everywhere” that I wrote for 50x50 My Malaysia project by Niki Cheong.

Somehow, it was one of the first story to be published on 50x50 My Malaysia’s site. Plus, it went online on 31 August - right on our Merdeka Day. Wow.

Check it out right here at 50x50 My Malaysia’s website and don't forget to check out the 50x50 My Malaysia physical exhibition itself over at the Level 5 and 6 (Link Bridge) of Pavilion KL from today, Hari Malaysia, 16 September onwards till 22 September to see and learn about the whole 50x50 My Malaysia project.

Much thanks to Niki for actually considering my silly little tale to be part of the project. :D

[Music Monday Versi Hari Malaysia]: Kembara / Slipstream

May our blessed country able to continuously enjoy long-lasting peace and prosperity, especially in these trying modern era as we are all chasing towards progress. Never forget that Malaysia was built with the foundation of tolerance, respect and harmony.

Never forget.

Dirgahayu* Malaysiaku tercinta, tanah tumpahnya darahku. Enjoy your Hari Malaysia, friends. :)

*means long live in Bahasa Malaysia.

[Music Video Source: Collage's Images: Arkib Negara Malaysia]

[Huiyoh] Volvo Demonstrates Steering System By Letting...A Hamster Drive Their Truck

Volvo: what the first thing that usually pop up on you mind when that name is mentioned? In my humble opinion, the brand definitely have seen better days but safety is still one of those thing that the brand still excels and well-known for.

That being said, I don’t know how real this demonstration is. Nevertheless, having a hamster (the animal, not Richard Hammond) drive a damn truck to demonstrate Volvo Dynamic Steering system on the truck is an instant viral gold.

Volvo’s other YouTube video which depicts Claes Nilsson, the President of Volvo Trucks himself standing on a Volvo FMX truck (the same model used in the hamster video above) elevated over water to demonstrate the truck’s hook is quite interesting as well.

It’s apparently quite real and was done in a single take. Hmm.

[Source: Volvo Trucks @ YouTube]

Friday, September 13, 2013

[Weekly Music] Atlas by Coldplay

...and all your hurt. to be one of the most beautiful and meaningful song I've ever heard.

13/09/13, 1309.

Monday, September 2, 2013

[Music Monday] Hit The Lights By Metallica: Live In Singapore, Captured With Nokia Lumia 925

So, it have been more than a week since I saw Metallica in Singapore. Man, there is no need for me to say how good that night was – to be able to see not only one of the biggest band in the world but also one of my biggest idol in music.

Alongside me is a Nokia Lumia 925 which I’m currently reviewing and there is usually only one reason why I would bring a review unit out in a place full of crowd: to test it. Since the Lumia 925’s PureView camera is said to have very good low-light performance, I figured a concert would be a good place to test the camera (together with its optical image stabilization and HAAC mic) out.

Enjoy the clip - in its actual format, fully unedited – but do change the video resolution to 720p to see the video in its native size. Sorry, I forgot to set the camera to 1080p. =/

Stay tuned for pictures from the show…yup, snapped through Nokia Lumia 925 (there’s one example at the top of this post)…soon enough!

P/S: There was someone said "Metallica dah sampai!" somewhere at the beginning of the video. That was me. :p

Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Lowyat.TV] Weekly News Show Episode 5: Featuring Nintendo 2DS, i-mobile IQ XA, Nokia 515, Youth Communication Package and More

Do you know that Lowyat.NET now have a weekly news show on YouTube? Yes, we do and yours truly is one of the hosts alongside our fearless captain, Mr. Lucas Lau together with another writer (also the token pretty boy of the team...he's still single, ladies), Pang.

In general, our weekly show acts as a brief video recap for a number of selected news on Lowyat.NET. We've actually been doing this for the past few weeks and in fact, the video below is our fifth episode.

Do visit our YouTube channel over at if you want to see previous episodes as well subscribe to the channel for our future episodes and features. Alternatively, you can just visit my blog every week to see the latest episode every week. :p

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