Friday, July 20, 2012

[Comic] Ramadhan Has Arrived Again...So Does Yusuf Taiyoob

I don’t know about you but to me, one of the biggest indications that Ramadhan is here once again is not all those ketupats that has started to pop up at shopping malls but instead, it’s the Yusuf Taiyoob advertisement.

Known for its signature “whisper”, the reason why Yusuf Taiyoob advert usually appears during or near to Ramadhan is because one of its main products is date and as many of you might aware, dates is very popular during fasting month. This comic pretty much hit the spot:

Hope you all will have a good and blessed Ramadhan this year. :)

[KomikSauce: ComicStriper]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Life] Sometimes…Be Yourself Is The Only Thing You Can Do

No matter how many times you went through it, breakups are hard especially when you honestly and sincerely put efforts into your relationship. While you need to pick up yourself and continue the search till you finally found your destined soul mate but along the way, the journey might have unwanted effects on you. That might include frustration as well as the feeling of “tiredness” and “void”.

When that happened, it will usually led to questions such as “What did I do wrong?”, “When will I finally found that person?”, “Why I'm alone unlike everyone else?” and many more. As sad as those questions might sound, I afraid they will be on heavy rotation and will pop up whenever the feeling of loneliness appears.

What I’ve learned after all these years of being alone that they will only go away when another person steps in to fill up that “void”. Till that time comes, the only thing that you can do is just be yourself.

“Don't lose any sleep tonight, I'm sure everything will end up alright…”

[Sad Panda Image:]

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