Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Is What You Need To Play Racing Games Properly

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  1. The game itself.
  2. Your gaming platform.
  3. A good steering wheel.
  4. A pair of racing shoes.
  5. If you want, add gloves and helmet.

Yup, I bought the new Need for Speed game; the Shift 2: Unleashed for our office’s PlayStation 3 after much (err...not really) consideration on my Facebook’s wall. I’m still in the early phase of the game, so can’t really say much about the game yet.

Meanwhile, how the fuck can you flip an all-wheel drive car that is the Audi Quatrro TT without any valid reason? Apparently, our friend from Stuff Malaysia - Nigel - can. LOL.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Just Like ?uestlove

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Percussion master, expert spinner, music maestro….what else? Oh, his own Nike Dunks. I definitely want to be like ?uestlove of The Roots fame when I grow up. But the problem is that I think I kind of grew up already, so...I guess I have to stay being Chap.

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The Nike Dunk x ?uestlove pack is his second shoe collab with Nike after being part of 1World Air Force 1 project back in 2008. The red Dunk is certainly the most unique pair of this new collection with lace cover but my personal choice would be the yellow one since yellow is my favourite colour. Of course, having all three would be the most winning move here. Ah well...

More photo of Nike Dunk x ?uestlove pack, right after the jump.

[Video: Nike Sportswear / Images: Drummerworld and Freshness Mag]

Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday: Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand

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Shut up; I know I’m late to the game. But hey, good music is still a good music whether you are slowpoke or fastpoke and that is exactly what you need to beat the ever dreaded blue that commonly happens on Monday.

I would like to thank my fellow colleague Mr. Lucas Lau for introducing me to this mad disco beats. I still remember his word when he played this song for me – “This is the kind of songs you need to listen if you want to get Chinese chicks,”. Hella tip there, man. Yup, I’m all for Orientals these, its more like a lifelong dream. JYEAAHH.

So, have a productive Monday to everyone. Don’t let the blues get you, WUU WUUU WUUU WUUUU WUUUUU

[Original image: LA Times]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It All Started With This One Shoe

Back in high school, running was one of my favourite fitness activities. Not in competitive manner though; just a leisure stroll through the jogging track that surrounded my school. But after I’ve moved on to university, well…I had too much fun and drifted away altogether from running (and fitness itself). But fate works in such a mysterious way that I have no idea that I would be reunited with running once again.

Friday, March 18, 2011

An Ode To Wenger: By An Arsenal Fan (According To The Writer)


The story goes that some Arsenal fan sent his opinion of Arsene Wenger after the defeat on the hands of Manchester United few nights ago. This is what he/she got to say:

Ah, Here He Is...

I would like to take umbrage at all the malevolent, ingrate naysayers criticising our brilliant tactical Oracle, Arsene Wenger.

This is a man who this season, has broken records, and achieved things no other Arsenal manager of the last 25 years has achieved!

Look at these records:

1. Becoming the first manager in Premier League history to toss a 4-0 lead. Which other so-called top manager has achieved such genius?

2. Becoming the first manager in Champions League history to go 90 minutes of a game without a single shot on goal. Some record!

Having been given seven years to build a title-winning side, it's all coming together beautifully now. The Faith has been repaid and Arsene has treated us to unprecedented brilliance this season.

Highlights include...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Difference Between AMD APU and Intel Sandy Bridge

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AMD and Intel people, if you are reading this, don’t take heart, yah? XD

Even though both AMD Fusion APUs and 2011 Intel Core a.k.a Sandy Bridge processors have been officially launched few months ago – heck, Sandy Bridge were already on display at local shops loooong before they were even officially revealed at CES - they are just about to get their official Malaysian launch this month. So, heads up to local hardware enthusiasts everywhere.

[Original images: Wikipedia and allkpop]

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