Sunday, March 20, 2011

It All Started With This One Shoe

Back in high school, running was one of my favourite fitness activities. Not in competitive manner though; just a leisure stroll through the jogging track that surrounded my school. But after I’ve moved on to university, well…I had too much fun and drifted away altogether from running (and fitness itself). But fate works in such a mysterious way that I have no idea that I would be reunited with running once again.

Back in October 2009, I went to cover a running event organized by Nike. One thing lead to another, I’ve received a running shoe not long after that – the original Nike LunarGlide+ - as part of the Nike+ SportBand review kit. I did the review but...I didn’t just stop there. I continued to run, run, run...and today, I’ve did more than 500km which include seven running events through 2010.

Of course, they were not full marathon distance or anything but it is a huge change after being a lazy bump full time couch potato since forever. However, a running shoe only has this much of a lifetime. It is sad to say that the time has arrived to retire my LunarGlide+ from active duty after serving me throughout all those runs in all conditions – day, night, dry and wet.

So, thanks for all the mileage, buddy. You did well.


Jep said...

...well somebody got to do it ya...Just Do It bro

Unknown said...

Hahaha, betul tu bro. Just do it. :D

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