Friday, April 2, 2010

Energizer Night Race 2010: Completed!

Energizer Night Run 2010 10k Finisher's Medal
My first running medal, w00t! It was only 10km though. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

It felt pretty good to complete the Energizer Night Race 2010. Not only that it is my first event and I actually finished it in one piece, I also reached the finish line faster than I expected: 69 minutes. That is like 12 minutes faster than my previous personal best, wohoo!

The event was OK, I guess as I didn't even get the chance to walk around the carnival area. Majority of the staff that I met were friendly and helpful. However, if there was anything major during the run, I would say that the traffic control was chaotic. The lane for runners were not marked well and there were couple of times that we have to run in between cars especially at the stretch in front of MMU/Cyberia.

So, what's next? I would say the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 in June. No no no, I'm not gonna go for a full marathon; will still stick to 10k. Of course, it is still a plan for the time being, but I really looking forward to be there. :)

Jump in to see a number of selected photos from the Energizer Night Race 2010. Do note that there are almost 20 pictures, so I would suggest to hit my Picasa gallery - - instead, if you want to save some time.

Getting my running EQ's ready.

The event area from far.

Officials calling for runners to take their Energizer headband.

Pre-race warmup, using the lunge matrix that I learned from Coach Jay Johnson on Nike Running's website

Participants chilling out before the run starts.

Pre-race toilet queue, lolz.

...and the race begin!

Cheerleaders, w00t!

I didn't bring along camera during run, so I miss this awesome shot. This is how they kept us runners cool. Want to stop main air but kenot, have to continue run. Good catch, RunWitMe!

...and then, there I was. My god, I looked terrible.

Penat2 lari, kena queue la pulak. Adoih.

I'm sure if the Energizer Headlight can been seen within my thick hair, it shouldn't has any problem to perform elsewhere!

The medal. It's small. o.0

Posing for the post-run official photo by Snap-Attack. Type in my bib number to search for my pictures from their camera. :D

Post-race stretching, yo.

See what happened to the bib number - stained my shirt T_T

One final picture, with Mr. Energizer.


EVo said...

Aiseh dude...if u cut ur hair, u would have shortened ur time by 10 minutes..more aerodynamic :D

Unknown said...

LOLOLOLOLOL, maybe but 10 min? Don't think so. XD

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