Friday, April 2, 2010

Woah, It's The Nike Free Run+!

The Nike Free Run+, hubba hubba hubba [Click to enlarge in a new window]

When I saw this at RunWitMe, I was like "A new Nike Free? Say whaaaaat~". Seriously, Nike Free is the most comfortable shoe I've ever wear in my entire life. Ok, maybe not for all things (its wide sole made it horrible to wear during gaming with Logitech G25 - maybe only me, I don't know) - but I really like it. That's why I'm still wearing the original Nike Free 5.0 given by my missus - it was hers originally - even though its already battered up to the pulp.

So, back to the new Nike Free Run+, another reason why I'm so psyched about it is because the Nike+ support has finally been added to the Nike Free line. More reason for me to cop this baby, mmm hmmm.

Well, it's still not out yet, so I hope one day I'll get a chance to wear it. Then only I can tell you how the new Free Run+ feels compared to my original Free. I'm sure there are going to be lotsa differences. Newer should be better, right? XD

[Source: RunWitMe]

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