Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Swoosh] Quick Look: The New Nike Hypervenom Football Boot, Blazing To Malaysia This August

Revealed to the world just few hours ago in Rio by the world famous striker and Brazil’s hometown hero Neymar, say hello to Nike Football’s latest football boot: the Nike Hypervenom. Apparently, the new addition to Nike Football’s line-up will be replacing the long-running T90 series.

The Nike Hypervenom comes with a NikeSkin-based upper which is technically a combination of a soft supple mesh bound and a thin polyurethane film. The upper is also treated with Nike All Conditions Control technology which gives it consistent level of traction regardless in wet or dry pitch.

Together with the help from some of the world’s top podiatrists, Nike also created a decoupled outsole for the boot which comes with a groove in the forefoot area that is said to allow the first metatarsal – the bone that defines reaction time of the foot’s first movement – to be activated quickly. Furthermore, the outsole is also made from compressed nylon which made it responsive while being lightweight at the same time.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[(The Fashionably Late) Music Monday] Survival By Muse


Hectic period. Hectic life. Especially now that it is less than one week to go before Computex Taipei takes place.

I will survive this. Hence, the song...which I listened to more and more these days to keep myself motivated.

Friday, May 24, 2013

[Don’t Sleep On This] Nike x Undefeated “Bring Back Pack” Part II: Coming To In Juice KL On May 25 For RM 579

Back in February, two giants in their own right - Nike and Undefeated - unleashed special edition Nike Dunk Hi and Nike Hyperdunk that are called "Bring Back Pack" are themed after an one-off Nike Dunk Hi that were conceived to celebrate Undefeated’s first store.

Obviously, the reaction was pretty good when the collection landed in Malaysia at Juice KL last March. Well, I expect the scene will be more or less the same when the SECOND (yup, part 2!) pack - officially called Nike x Undefeated “Bring Back 2003” - goes on sale at Juice KL in Bangsar tomorrow’s noon (May 25).

Nike Dunk Hi from Nike x Undefeated "Bring Back 2003" Pack

Monday, May 13, 2013

[Music Monday] Right Again by Yuna

So...Yuna's latest album has hit the market. By album, I mean an EP. Specifically, the Sixth Street EP.

As usual, the song that I found myself listening to the most out of the 5-tracks EP is not the first single (which is I Wanna Go, produced by Mike Einziger of Incubus tu). Instead, it is the second track that is called Right Again.

Right Again by Yuna on Deezer

Right Again by Yuna on Spotify

This time around, I can’t really explain the reason why I kept on looping the song for the past few days. Maybe because of the lyrics in the song. Maybe because of the song’s laid-back melody accompanied by Yuna’s sort-of-spacey vocal. Maybe it is the mood in the air.

Well, I guess there are times when you really like something without any reason. You it.

Bila Fanboy Apple iOS dan Samsung Android Bergaduh: Pengguna Nokia Windows Phone Tepuk Tangan


Anyway, couple of new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to be announced in London tomorrow. Can’t wait, tak sabar nak tengok smartphone Lumia baru. :D

[Tajuk post ini adalah idea bernas @kennleandre, Editor di IGN Asia Pacific. Well played, buddy. Well played.]

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[(The Fashionably Late) Music Monday] Politik by Coldplay

Coldplay Live in Abu Dhabi 2012 New Year's Eve

Frankly speaking, I hate politics. A necessary evil, they said but from my observations...what politics do most of the time is breaking up harmony and destroying friendship regardless of the scale.

This classic track from Coldplay echoed loudly in my mind throughout the recent election season. Especially this particular part of the song:

"In confusion, confidence
Give me peace of mind and trust
Don't forget the rest of us
Give me strength; reserve control
Give me heart and give me soul
Wounds that heal and cracks that fix."

Regardless of what happened or which side your supported during the recent election (one of the most hotly contested, if not the hottest), open up your eyes. There are a lot of lessons need to be learned (and relearned) from it, for the betterment of our beloved Malaysia.

[Image by Mooi, used under Creative Commons license]

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