Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[(The Fashionably Late) Music Monday] Politik by Coldplay

Coldplay Live in Abu Dhabi 2012 New Year's Eve

Frankly speaking, I hate politics. A necessary evil, they said but from my observations...what politics do most of the time is breaking up harmony and destroying friendship regardless of the scale.

This classic track from Coldplay echoed loudly in my mind throughout the recent election season. Especially this particular part of the song:

"In confusion, confidence
Give me peace of mind and trust
Don't forget the rest of us
Give me strength; reserve control
Give me heart and give me soul
Wounds that heal and cracks that fix."

Regardless of what happened or which side your supported during the recent election (one of the most hotly contested, if not the hottest), open up your eyes. There are a lot of lessons need to be learned (and relearned) from it, for the betterment of our beloved Malaysia.

[Image by Mooi, used under Creative Commons license]

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