Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Is So Hard These Days

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Pensil patah, yo.

As of late, I found myself having trouble to write. I mean, not that I'm out of things to say or anything. Really, it is still not hard to find a topic/subject to write about but...entahlah.

After I get the initial draft done, I would found myself rewriting them again and again. 1 time...2 times...3 times...5 times...10 times, I lost count. This lead to productivity lost which are really bothering me.

Not only that, this "slowness" would also affect my free time which are already limited as it is, with other commitments such as uni, gym, quality time with missus and family. I felt so disappointed and sad whenever I have to tell the missus that I'm still occupied with work and I would be late in meeting her. I felt sad when I don't get to post here more often and etc etc etc.

It just sucks, you know. All in all, I've no idea why I suddenly becomes like this but I somehow think its related to this "insecure" situation that I found myself into. Yeah, most probably it is because not once in a day that I would not think of it.

The problem is I've no solution for it...more like, I've no time to provide a solution for it. So far, the situation asks me to wait and survive. *tsk tsk tsk* Well, at least I got something to hold onto. Hope things going to change for the better soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mercedes GP Petronas Car For F1 2010 Season

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Personally, I was indeed a little bit heartbroken when Mercedes GP (formerly Brawn GP) announced that Petronas has agreed to become their title sponsor. Why not the locally-based (in future) Lotus F1 instead?

But then, it was most probably more like a business decision. I mean Micheal Schumacher weh...lots of company out there would jump at the opportunity, might as well be our national oil and gas company, right? So yeah, life goes on and I was pretty excited to see Mercedes GP Petronas F1 2010 car which was unveiled today.

As per previous Petronas-sponsored BMW Sauber car, the Merc is again not colored in Petronas corporate color. Instead it dons Merc's signature silver color. Some say its weird not having Petronas green on it but for me, having the Petronas (and Malaysia on the sides) name on the machine is already sufficed. To color it green...I'm guess its gonna cost Petronas more or no deal at all.

With Petronas done, now I can't wait to see Lotus F1 car next, scheduled to be launch on 12 February. Please don't let them paint it using the 1Malaysia color scheme. It just plain fugly!!

[Photo credit: Mercedes GP Petronas Facebook Page] A vegetarian leaks.

King Roo Roo Roo Ney Hits The Target, Accuracy Brings The Goal.

Accuracy is a potent weapon. Just see what Rooney did against Hull City last Saturday - not one, not two...but four freaking goals. There could be more but it was enough to put moi favorite team on top of the league. Even if it is not going to be for long.

Of course, all the goals would not be possible without the collective efforts from everybody at the most glorious team on earth that is Manchester United. Some also said that Hull City was too easy...whatever, man. Three goals in just 10 minutes; Rooney was just plain ridiculous that night.

Oh, wassup with this new vid from Nike Football? Spot fellow Nike Total 90 Laser III owner - Fernando Torres - there? He scored hatrick against Hull City too, back in September. Don't think it was a coincidence there. ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Fine Saturday at MAS Touchdown @ SKYPARK Terminal

Ahhh...Subang's Terminal 3. Now with a new name, SKYPARK Terminal, I used to went through this place a lot of time during school holidays back when I studied in Kota Bharu. This was before everything shifted to yeah, haven't been there for quite a while.

Three pesawat with Pesawat's autograph. Berapa banyak pesawat daaaaa...

Since I pretty much go to airport only to fly in and fly out (haven't got the chance to do in quite a long while); or to pickup/greet people, I felt a bit weird coming to airport for casual visit. But it was all good, because we were there for MAS Touchdown @ SKYPARK Terminal event. Story continues after the jump.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Help Megat and His Family: Show That You Care

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Since 2 years ago, Megat ( has been suffering a mysterious disease which has taken too much of his resources in terms of time, energy and financial; till the extent that he have to resign from his post as IT Senior Engineer.

Although he is currently into full time writing at his blog together with a number of small businesses (explained here), he is currently in dire need of supports, especially in term of financial means; as his resources has depleted into critical level. What I wrote here is just a tip on an iceberg, do read the full story HERE.

With a wife and two your, he needs your support more than ever. So, if you are able to contribute to help ease his burden, please do so through this channels:

CIMB: 0123 0015 4575 21
Maybank: 1010 7541 8124
Full name: Faisal Amirul Othman

If you would like to contact Megat directly, you can do so through HERE or leave a message on his Twitter.

[Blogger - We Care initiative and icon credit to Support the effort!]

Monday, January 4, 2010

On To 2010!

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This mighty Saturn V represents what I want my 2010 to be. I hope that through this year, it will reach greater heights. =D

My 2010 resolution list is very long...and repetitive. It mostly consisted of "I have to [fill in the blank] this year so that I will [fill in the blank]". Many of them are very personal to me, so I'm make it very simple.

"2010 = next level."

To elaborate it a bit further, I would say 2010 is the year that I'm going to mend things, fix + build relationship, fulfill broken/empty promises and of course, grab + re-grab opportunities. They are my next levels and with that, great days are coming ahead, my friends.

Yosh, ikimashou! =)

[image credit: NASA via Wikipedia]

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reviewed @ Lowyat.NET: The 2009 Nike+ SportBand

Image hosted by © 2009 / Photo by: Syefri Zulkefli.

Another week, another review. This time, it's the 2009 Nike+ SportBand! Now you know why there's a Nike+ widget on my sidebar hehehe~

So, what is this gizmo all about? It is basically a companion device for people who loves to jog or run out there:

When activated during a run, the Sportband has four type of display mode: distance, pace, duration and calories burned...In addition to that, the Nike+ Sportband is also a watch.

...the Nike Running website is basically a social media platform for Nike+ owners. Users are not only able to keep track of their runs uploaded from the Nike+ Sportband but they can also engage in many activities at the site such as set up personal goals, train with Nike+ Coach program, publish Nike+ activities on Twitter or Facebook, enroll in challenges and also, add other Nike+ owners into their friends list.

That's just a small glimpse of the full review. Do check it out if you are looking for something to spice up your mundane jogging or running sessions. Maybe this device might able to give you just that. It certainly did for me, as written on my Twitter. I really dig its web interface and functions. =D

If you own a Nike+ product whether the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or the SportBand itself, do add me to your friend list by searching for this nick - "chapree" or you can post your nick in the comments section or also, on my Chatbox at this blog's sidebar.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Back Into The Year 2009

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Tong sampah la gamaknya.

Hmm, looking back at 2009...well, it has a fair share of ups and downs. For the first half of the year, it was relatively quiet as I went through classes and all the jazz of college life of a (super) senior.

Second half of 2009 was the period that actually defined my year. I became a full time writer while at the same time, went through my industrial training. Once the training ended, I went back to uni, finished the first part of my final year project and a math class; in between writing duty.

In terms of competitive gaming, there was not much event for us racing gamers and event at those events, my performances was quite bad - 5th place at Go.ESC and 4th place at CELgames'09. Of course, there were also Top 8 at WCG Asian Championship'09 in Guitar Hero World Tour but I qualified to the event just because I'm 2008 rep. It was a rather complicated circumstances which would take another post to explain, so I'm gonna let it be.

Along the way, I also faced with some difficulties. First being the bike accident which left my knees swallon for few months and my movement got restricted for quite a while. Then, my grand dad past away due to cardiac arrest and last not least, the family's favorite cat - Buncit - past away due to kidney failure. She might be just a cat but she is a family too.

Of course, there is another difficulty which has been plaguing me for the past two months but I rather not discuss it here because 1. it's too private; 2. I don't want to be thought as finger pointer or a whiner; 3. it will most probably bore you to death.

So, that's pretty much summed up my 2009. I want to have a fresh start in 2010. Let this be the starting point. :)

P/S: Take a look at Multiplay.LYN New Year's post as well. ;)

[image copyright: Lowyat.NET]

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