Monday, January 25, 2010

Mercedes GP Petronas Car For F1 2010 Season

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Personally, I was indeed a little bit heartbroken when Mercedes GP (formerly Brawn GP) announced that Petronas has agreed to become their title sponsor. Why not the locally-based (in future) Lotus F1 instead?

But then, it was most probably more like a business decision. I mean Micheal Schumacher weh...lots of company out there would jump at the opportunity, might as well be our national oil and gas company, right? So yeah, life goes on and I was pretty excited to see Mercedes GP Petronas F1 2010 car which was unveiled today.

As per previous Petronas-sponsored BMW Sauber car, the Merc is again not colored in Petronas corporate color. Instead it dons Merc's signature silver color. Some say its weird not having Petronas green on it but for me, having the Petronas (and Malaysia on the sides) name on the machine is already sufficed. To color it green...I'm guess its gonna cost Petronas more or no deal at all.

With Petronas done, now I can't wait to see Lotus F1 car next, scheduled to be launch on 12 February. Please don't let them paint it using the 1Malaysia color scheme. It just plain fugly!!

[Photo credit: Mercedes GP Petronas Facebook Page] A vegetarian leaks.


linkinstreet said...

Lotus is featuring more on it's english roots by the look of thing, with the team wanting to launch in Inglund instead of Malaysia. And it should look good if the rumours are true

BTW, good job by Petronas to get this Merc deal. Now we get two cars on the grid promoting Malaysia!

Unknown said...

It also could be that the team base in Sepang is not yet completed.

Betul gak cakap ko, the grid gonna have two Malaysia-related teams. Eh, bukan ke empat kereta?

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