Monday, October 31, 2011

YIP YIP YIP : My Perfect Idea of A Halloween Costume

Some people took ages to figure out what to dress up as during Halloween but fortunate for me…well…I can just wear a Brazil’s jersey…and voila, I’m Ronaldinho! :p

But of course, I got couple of other, more interesting ideas as well. Although zombies are kinda in these days – maybe because of the popularity of Walking Dead? – but I would like to rope a mate in and dress up as the folks above. Kinda kacang to pull off (I think) and it is appealing to everybody. Who doesn’t like the Yip Yip Martians?

Either this, Domo-kun or Pedobear. YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP

Source: YouTube

Nothing Much: Its Just Garrett - The Greatest Popcorn I’ve Ever Tasted In My Life

During my trip to the HTC Regional Launch – which saw the launch of HTC Explorer, Radar, Rhyme and Sensation XE smartphones – few weeks ago, I made a stop at this popcorn joint called Garrett that many of my friends have been talking about. It was really an unplanned I was wondering aimlessly along Orchard Road looking for a quick lunch before I depart to the airport and bam, I stumbled upon a branch just outside the Liat Towers.

Over at Garrett, there were couple of popcorn flavours around and I chose the Chicago Mix which is essentially a mix or their caramel and cheese popcorn. Yes sir, CHEESE. I took a medium size worth of popcorns that cost me around RM 27 (SGD 11) and it hit me just like that when I took the first bite:

My god, it was so good. Yes, it was not cheap when converted to Ringgit Malaysia but man, it was worth the money. They didn’t call it gourmet popcorn without any reason, you know…anyway, it became my lunch that day.

Meanwhile, It turns out that Garrett is about to open a branch here in Malaysia. The location is at Suria KLCC, just behind Uniqlo. ME GUSTA.

Let’s hope the pricing will be at least the same or lower than those in Singapore. Can’t wait to taste ‘em again!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Another Day At The Office: Asiasoft’s A.V.A Media Preview in Singapore

Around three weeks ago, I was invited to Singapore by Asiasoft to check out their upcoming online first person shooter called Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A). Held at the massive Colosseum Cybercafe over at the Illuma Shopping Mall, I got to say the preview - PREVIEW, not even a launch - event was pretty elaborate. The, the giant screen were just too massive for me. Wicked.

As for the game itself, I would say that it looks pretty good in terms of graphics. Guess that’s what you get from a game that uses Unreal Engine III. However, I’m not a fan of the map design. Of course, I tried only a handful of them but still, I’ve found them to be quite cramped. Also, I only tried one mode and didn’t get the chance to fully test out everything that A.V.A got to offer.

Well, the game's Closed Beta Test is going to start at the end of this week, so I most probably going to play it next week. If you are curious what A.V.A is all about and would like to check it out yourself, just visit their official website to learn how you can participate in the game’s upcoming beta test sessions. Have mercy on me if you see me online in the game a n00b here.

[Video first appeared at Lowyat.NET.]

Music Monday: Tentang Seorang, Siapakah Dirinya?

Akankah seseorang yang ku impikan kan hadir...raut halus menyelimuti jantungku.

Hope that question will be answered sometime in my lifetime. Don't mind waiting. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Play Games With Inverted Controls

God damn, Freddie; you are 1000% right. Happens to me quite a lot of times whenever I take over a friend's control over a game.

If you have no clue of what is inverted control in a video game, read this out. Clearly, you have never played a first person shooter before or have never dived into the options area.

Music Sunday: Incubus Plays Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity) For The First Time After So Many Years

It must have been a thousand years since they last played this song - called Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) from their S.C.I.E.N.C.E album - in live show. Ok, I might exaggerated a bit there but you get the point. Last time they played this song live was during their Morning View tour.

Regardless of that, my favorite live performance of Summer Romance is still this particular acoustic version of the song. Well, maybe because their previous bassist which I idolized, Dirk Lance was in it...but still.

Nothing Much: Just The Most Epic Gamer In The World, That Is So Much Into The Game

Glove: check.
Camo pants: check.
Invisible radio: check.
Epic role playing in public like a bawse: CHECK.

The clip is a bit long at 13+ minutes but seriously, just try to stay put until the end. I can't do it personally though as I was laughing my ass off every single minute watching this particular gamer playing Ghost Squad by Sega.

I'm amazed at the fella behind him - the one wearing glasses and a cap - can watch all the "action" with a straight face without even laughing. Also...did he choose a panda suit for his character in the game? Really, a freaking panda suit? *LOL*

You know what...I bet the fella have the Wii version of the game at his home too. If not, how would he remember the game's script?

[via PMS|furryfish*]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Song From The Avengers Trailer: Nine Inch Nails' We're In This Together

So, you like the new trailer of The Avengers eh? Who doesn't, right? Well, if you wonder who sang the song in the trailer, wonder no more - it's called We're In This Together by Nine Inch Nails.

What a fitting song for such a winning trailer...don't you think so? HECK YEAH.

Just Thought You Might Want To Know: Who Are The Avengers?

I bet by now, after watching so many pre-Avengers movies such as Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger and of course, the newly released trailer, you should already know who are The Avengers. But just in case you didn't know - Y U NO WATCH AFTER CREDITS SCENESSSSSSS - the video above is a perfect crash course on what The Avengers are all about.

Also, for all How I Met Your Mother fans out there, Robin will be in The Avengers as well. Gah, May 2012 is so far away! D:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Avengers' New Trailer: Made of Pure Win

"If we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we’ll AVENGE it." - Tony Stark.

May 2012 can't come soon enough. CAN'T HARDLY WAIT. HNNNGGGGGGHHHHHH

Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday: All Time Low’s Hey Maria, Count Me In @ Rockaway 2011

Hey Maria, Count Me In is the first All Time Low’s song that I knew (second being I Feel Like Dancin’ which I just heard on radio few days ago) because it is the very cover song that my band - The Wishing - jam occasionally. As indicated in my previous post, I really like their set although I wished their bassist was around to make their sound much more full.

If you wondering, yup, those hanging on the mic stand were bras. Good times.

Shot with HTC Incredible S.

Gigsterism: Saturday Rocking At Rockaway 2011

To be honest, Rockaway 2011 was not 100-percent my cup of tea. Yes, it was a rock show alright and yes, it was filled with many awesome local bands; but as for the intertnational performers – Story of The Year, All Time Low and The Used – I personally not really a big fan of them. But all in all, I did enjoyed myself immensely over there. It was a great gig by Livescape Asia, so kudos to them especially Rahul OBS!

This is a massive picture post, so click on that Read More link to check out the views from Rockaway 2011!

Nothing Much: Just The Moon and Winter Halo | Image hosted by

According to Wikipedia:

"A moon ring, also known as a winter halo, is a phenomenon that usually appears in conjunction with a full moon. There appears to be a whitish ring, approximately 10 to 20 times the size of the moon, surrounding the moon and centered on it. It is caused by refraction of the light from the full moon in the ice particles floating in the clouds, as opposed to a rainbow, where light refracts in the water vapor that makes up the clouds."

Last night, the winter halo caught the attention of Twitterjaya peeps including yours truly. Naturally, I snapped a picture of it which coincidentally shined brightly right above my home. You only need one word to describe it: "HUGE".

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music Wednesday: You're Just A Fantasy, Girl

You're just a fantasy girl
It's an impossible world
All I want is to be with you always
I give you everything
Pay some attention to me
All I want is just you and me always

It is really an impossible world and I can't read other people's mind. So, why should we destroy a good run? Smile is always better than a frown. It is ok if it takes a toll on me as long as the smile stays. :D

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