Monday, October 10, 2011

Gigsterism: Saturday Rocking At Rockaway 2011

To be honest, Rockaway 2011 was not 100-percent my cup of tea. Yes, it was a rock show alright and yes, it was filled with many awesome local bands; but as for the intertnational performers – Story of The Year, All Time Low and The Used – I personally not really a big fan of them. But all in all, I did enjoyed myself immensely over there. It was a great gig by Livescape Asia, so kudos to them especially Rahul OBS!

This is a massive picture post, so click on that Read More link to check out the views from Rockaway 2011!

Merch area.

Makan area.

Lepak area.

I arrived halfway through the show, just in time for Twilight Action Girl’s set, so I’ve already missed most of the local bands that performed at concert. Haih, wished I wasn’t too occupied but oh well…

Story of The Year. I might not be a fan but they were no doubt a superbly tight outfit.

All Time Low: to me, they were indeed the most outrageous band of the show with bras flying around and I heard someone flashed their boobs to them too. Really like their set because it just fun, fun and fun. Gave the organizer a lot of trouble though, I heard.

Yup, those were bras on the mic stand. Mmm hmm.

Pop Shuvit Feat. Project E.A.R: a rather unique set since they got so many guest together with them. They even got Man Bai to perform with them.

DJ Uno of Pop Shuvit trying to crowd surf, with a freaking boat. LOLwut.

Metalasia: otai of the gig. As usual, metal power all the way.

Massacre Conspiracy: in the Rockaway’s program book, it was stated that they were known for their upbeat music. Honestly, they were not upbeat but freaking FASTBEAT. Not for the weak hearted.

One Buck Short: well…standard stuff la. What else could I say?

Once you see it, you will shit brix…yup, crutches. Kalau dah diehard fan tu, OKU tak OKU lah.

Rain or no rain, doesn’t matter. MOSH!

The Used: took them 10 freaking years to come here but they didn’t play the ONE song that everyone knew – Buried Myself Alive. WHAT THE HECK, MAN? I went home unsatisfied although their set was great. Great but incomplete. :(

Well, hope there will be another Rockaway next year because I can’t wait to be there once again. Rock on! \m/

Shot with HTC Incredible S.

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