Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing Much: Its Just Garrett - The Greatest Popcorn I’ve Ever Tasted In My Life

During my trip to the HTC Regional Launch – which saw the launch of HTC Explorer, Radar, Rhyme and Sensation XE smartphones – few weeks ago, I made a stop at this popcorn joint called Garrett that many of my friends have been talking about. It was really an unplanned I was wondering aimlessly along Orchard Road looking for a quick lunch before I depart to the airport and bam, I stumbled upon a branch just outside the Liat Towers.

Over at Garrett, there were couple of popcorn flavours around and I chose the Chicago Mix which is essentially a mix or their caramel and cheese popcorn. Yes sir, CHEESE. I took a medium size worth of popcorns that cost me around RM 27 (SGD 11) and it hit me just like that when I took the first bite:

My god, it was so good. Yes, it was not cheap when converted to Ringgit Malaysia but man, it was worth the money. They didn’t call it gourmet popcorn without any reason, you know…anyway, it became my lunch that day.

Meanwhile, It turns out that Garrett is about to open a branch here in Malaysia. The location is at Suria KLCC, just behind Uniqlo. ME GUSTA.

Let’s hope the pricing will be at least the same or lower than those in Singapore. Can’t wait to taste ‘em again!


albert said...

EVERY time I am down at KLCC I walk by, disappointed that Garrett's has not opened yet. :(

Unknown said...

True that! D:

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