Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nothing Much: Just The Most Epic Gamer In The World, That Is So Much Into The Game

Glove: check.
Camo pants: check.
Invisible radio: check.
Epic role playing in public like a bawse: CHECK.

The clip is a bit long at 13+ minutes but seriously, just try to stay put until the end. I can't do it personally though as I was laughing my ass off every single minute watching this particular gamer playing Ghost Squad by Sega.

I'm amazed at the fella behind him - the one wearing glasses and a cap - can watch all the "action" with a straight face without even laughing. Also...did he choose a panda suit for his character in the game? Really, a freaking panda suit? *LOL*

You know what...I bet the fella have the Wii version of the game at his home too. If not, how would he remember the game's script?

[via PMS|furryfish*]

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