Monday, September 19, 2011

How To Say "You Cocky Cock!" In Sign Language

I think I gonna regret posting this up...NAAAAHHHHH. Dirty Signs with Kristin is really made of gold. I was converted to a fan instantly for obvious multiple reasons.

If you have watched Scott Pilgrims Vs. The World before, then you might already know the origin of "You Cocky Cock!" insult. If can always check it out on YouTube.

So...what's the sign language "You so cute, Kristin. Wanna go out sometimes?". Yeaaaah, I take things slowly rather than going with this particular pick up line although I don't actually mind if a girl ask me that. /insertinfiniteevillaughter 

[Found via Girls With Slingshots - one of my favorite webcomics around; go check them out!]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Music on Sunday: The Way You Make Me Feel

Many said that Britney Spears didn't have what it takes to be on the stage with the eternal King of Pop, Michael Jackson on that particular performance but for me, its otherwise. Britney's whisper-ish and sultry voice sets the song's mood pretty well. Plus, she was totally hot during this period of time. Just check out that toned bodehhh...mmm hmm. 

Yup, random post is random. Have a good Sunday, y'all. :)

The Story Behind McFly's Jacket From Back To The Future II

Apart of the awesome Nike MAG shoes made a lot of people go nuts including yours truly, the guys at the Swoosh - led by the legendary Tinker Hatfield - have actually designed yet another signature prop for Back To The Future II: the Marty McFly's jacket.  Personally, I don't find the jacket is as beautiful or futuristic as the Nike MAG shoe in terms of aesthetic. In fact, it actually looked like Micheal Jackson's Thriller orange jacket to me. Not saying that the Thriller jacket ain't great - heck, I would definitely get one if I got the means to obtain it - but both of them were so...80's.

Of course, it were the features like self-fitting and self-drying system that grabbed a lot of attention. I wonder if this jacket actually inspired them to create Dri-Fit fabric since that name itself kinda described both of the jacket functions. Too bad they didn't produced it alongside the 2011 Nike MAG (which I'm gonna check out in the next ChapKixView).

Sure, the MAG shoe most probably will be more popular than the jacket if they get to be released together but nevertheless, I believe a lot of Back To The Future fans, science fiction geeks, movie buff, Swoosh fiends and fashion connoisseurs out there would still want a piece of the McFly's jacket.


The Most Racist Gift Basket Ever

So, I saw the latest episode of the famed =3 Internet show. Instead of the usual host Ray William Johnson, it was a huge dude named Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias. Apparently he is a stand up comedian and about to have his own show on Comedy Central. Must be pretty big deal then, I thought to myself.

Hence, I head on to his YouTube channel and found the clip above. It is a bit long at 8-minutes but really, check it out. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. No doubt that it is pretty racist but hey, you can do that with close friends as long as they allowed it and not get offended when they returned those salvos back to you.

Well, if this is too racist for you, his other materials are good too especially his ability to make those voices. Gotta love that.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kix Drop Notice: Nike Sportswear Dunk High AC Premium QS "Deconstructed Pack"

If you remembered, last month ChapKixView's talked about this particular Quickstrike-release and guess what, it has just dropped into the country. The usual premium kicks dealer, Sole What already have the Nike Dunk Hi AC QS from Deconstructed Pack in both bronze and black colorway at their stores in The Gardens and One Utama right now.

Cost to the wallet? RM 349. Not a bad price indeed. Here's an actual photo of the shoes, released by Sole What:

So, what do you think? Cop or no cop?

[Source: Sole What]

Le Fuq? They Made A Movie of Battleship Board Game?

Call me slowpoke but yeah, I just found out this: Hasbro apparently is coming out with a movie that is based on one of their most famous board games, Battleship. I'm sure many of us have seen this game before, so...le fuq? How you make a movie based on a very simple guess-based board game? Well, judging from the trailer, it is apparent that the single biggest thing that both the board game and the movie actually share is just the name. Haiyoh... -_-"

Meanwhile, what's with Hasbro and their fetish with aliens? They already built Transformers around that premise and now, they are doing it again with Battleship? Ades...but as usual, let's see how the movie fare later on. For all I know, it might be good, right?

[Source: YouTube]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

If It's True Then The Future Is Here: Nike's Back To The Future Shoe

Never before in my life I'm so excited about a shoe. Not even for my first pair of Nike. It doesn't even matter if its existence has not been confirmed yet. It doesn't ever matter if I'm not able to obtain it even though it is real. I'm just so stoked about to possibility of seeing one of my childhood dream becoming a reality.

When I visited the Universal Studios in Los Angeles in 1996 and saw the Nike Air MAG + the Mattel Hoverboard that were displayed at the now-defunct Back To The Future: The Ride, I thought to myself, "This shoe going to stay as a movie prop forever,". Last year, I wrote about the self-lacing system that Nike patented in 2009 and I still thought the same. But today, things have changed with the emergence of this video.

If this is true, then Nike Air MAG is going to be to biggest drop of the year, if not all time. For me, not even the upcoming Air Yezzy 2 can even top this one.

[Image: Sole Collector]

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OM NOM NOM NOM: Air Max 90 Hamburger

ChiefChapree.NET | Image hosted by

""In the tradition of material innovation of AM 90, i constructed a running shoe using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger," - Olle Hemmendorff.
If it is not obvious enough, yes, I was pretty hungry when I wrote this post. In addition to that, I was also going through some photos of Air Max 90 "Harimau Malaya" that I shot recently.

Oh, what is that? Did Nike released a Malaysian-themed shoe? Well, that is not actually the case...look out for the post very soon. (^_^)b

[Image source: Olle Hemmendorff]

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FFFUUU Tales: How Old Is He Again? 30, I Think.

ChiefChapree.NET | Image hosted by

Eh, when the last time I actually wrote a FFFUUU Tales? Oh right, when my 7-years relationship ended last year. Sad times, indeed. Well...screw that, let's hear some funny tales.

Apparently, my age has became a somesort of debate recently. I mean not among friends - who usually thought I'm around 23 or 24 when I met them for the first time (thanks for your compliments hehehe :D) - but it was among my relatives. I guess it most probably because I didn't see them often enough but when they asked my mum about my age, she answered...

"Oh, he's 30.".

What the heck? Mom, I haven't hit tiga puluh lagi! I'm not that old lah...wuuu wuuu wuuuuu (T.T)

Yesterday, my sis said the same thing when her visiting friends asked about my age. When I pointed out that I still have two years to go before I hit 30, she answered "Oh, kita bulatkan saja, itu sebab 30 tahun,". Damnit, kena troll by own sis FFFFFUUUUUUUUUU

Hence, I'm obliged to end this post with this song:

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