Sunday, September 11, 2011

Le Fuq? They Made A Movie of Battleship Board Game?

Call me slowpoke but yeah, I just found out this: Hasbro apparently is coming out with a movie that is based on one of their most famous board games, Battleship. I'm sure many of us have seen this game before, so...le fuq? How you make a movie based on a very simple guess-based board game? Well, judging from the trailer, it is apparent that the single biggest thing that both the board game and the movie actually share is just the name. Haiyoh... -_-"

Meanwhile, what's with Hasbro and their fetish with aliens? They already built Transformers around that premise and now, they are doing it again with Battleship? Ades...but as usual, let's see how the movie fare later on. For all I know, it might be good, right?

[Source: YouTube]

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