Thursday, September 1, 2011

FFFUUU Tales: How Old Is He Again? 30, I Think.

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Eh, when the last time I actually wrote a FFFUUU Tales? Oh right, when my 7-years relationship ended last year. Sad times, indeed. Well...screw that, let's hear some funny tales.

Apparently, my age has became a somesort of debate recently. I mean not among friends - who usually thought I'm around 23 or 24 when I met them for the first time (thanks for your compliments hehehe :D) - but it was among my relatives. I guess it most probably because I didn't see them often enough but when they asked my mum about my age, she answered...

"Oh, he's 30.".

What the heck? Mom, I haven't hit tiga puluh lagi! I'm not that old lah...wuuu wuuu wuuuuu (T.T)

Yesterday, my sis said the same thing when her visiting friends asked about my age. When I pointed out that I still have two years to go before I hit 30, she answered "Oh, kita bulatkan saja, itu sebab 30 tahun,". Damnit, kena troll by own sis FFFFFUUUUUUUUUU

Hence, I'm obliged to end this post with this song:


Kamigoroshi said...

And you call ME uncle? You laa the old man here as testified by your mother. Haha!

Unknown said...

You same age as me what? So you also old man lah, wahahahahha XD

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