Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Music Merdeka: Malaysian Boy

"Bawaku ke mana saja kau suka, timur selatan barat atau utara,
Kau ingin aku selalu, you'll be my Malaysian Boy...Malaysian Boy.

Oh boy, I have wished so many times that some girls would uttered those very words to me (and really meant it). Hahaha ;)

"Malaysian Boy" is a remix of Estelle and Kanye West's American Boy which has been given a Malaysian flavor through a collaboration between Altimet, DJ Fuzz, Ila Damiaa, Point Blanc and Rabbit Mac in conjunction with the Merdeka celebration, as well as a promo for the upcoming Suara Kami 2011 - a massive and not to forget, FREE music festival that is going to take place on 17 September at Stadium Merdeka.

The message behind the song and the accompanying music video is pretty obvious - "unity", as explained by the commentary at its YouTube's page:

"This video takes you on a journey of this beautiful country, from rural to urban, across different landscapes and people. The strong connection between Malaysians of different races and cultures convey a single message of 'united we stand'."

Doesn't matter if it is based on another song but what important, the way they deliver the message pretty JADI and was done so nicely. For example, I felt that Altimet's part of the song mainly described the love of Malaysia:

Keliling dunia dua tiga kali, ku tahu hanya satu perkara pasti,
Selagi bumi di atas paksi, bila tiba masa aku kembali.

I'm sure if I can understand the song's Chinese and Indian lyrics, I would quote them as well. In addition to that, the video was completed within 10 days of its premiere on Astro. Man, the final product certainly did not show that at all. Seriously amazing.

Hope they going to put up the song for download (legally) soon because I really want to rock it hard through my iPod. Can't wait to check out its live performance at Suara Kami 2011 soon!

[Source: YouTube]

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