Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday Versi Old Song Is Old: Love Me Butch's Hollywood Holiday

Pretty old release but really, this music video by Love Me Butch is one of the best music video to ever come out from our independent music scene. Enough said.

Meanwhile, I want to go to Hollywood again. A proper trip this time; not just a visit to Universal Studios which I was fortunate enough to visit back in 1996. I want to just roam around in the area; maybe catch a concert, visit a (real) film studio, check out skate spots or something. I don't know...this is just one of my random thought earlier today.

Maybe I just need a holiday. A proper holiday. For myself.

[Source: YouTube]


Fie said...

Says the person who went to NY recently. :P

Would love to go Hollywood, but I suspect I might be broke before I could even get there. Jom lah, we go plan US trip for 2013 or something!

Dream big or go home, right?

Unknown said...

Ehhh, NY was fer werk kkkk :p US trip in 2013 sounds plausible. Let's do this!

Anonymous said...

it's already 2013 :P

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