Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ada Wang, Ada Cult: Macam Tan Sri Dato' Seri Teh Hong Piow

Frankly speaking, there is nothing wrong with celebrating his + Public Bank's achievements. I mean, look at how the bank progress since he established it back in 1966 but maybe the song was indeed a little bit excessive. At one glance, it might looks like one of those Great Leader songs from North Korea.

Brilliant lyrics though, kudos to whoever came out with them:

Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Welcome Tan Sri Teh
Cheering loudly for Tan Sri Teh
Man of honour, a living legend
Let’s rise up now and sing out loud
He’s our champion
Make us feel proud
He gives us mission, gives us fire
Gives us vision, takes us higher

The rest of the lyrics you go watch the video lah ok? Am working hard now so I can have enough moolah to build a cult like Tan Sri Teh. Oooohh oooohhh oooohhhhh.

[Saucecake: YouTiup via @kennleandre]


Small Kucing said...

I think it's nothing wrong with the celebration. PBB annual dinner have always been very grand and fancy. Why this year certain people making a big "Huh HaH" about it?

Tan Sri Teh is a very good and caring boss. Not surprising that staffs love him

Unknown said...

Like I said, most probably because of the song's lyrics. I got nothing against the celebration myself. It's his company, he can celebrate in whatever way he want. XD

Yeah, I heard a lot of good words about Tan Sri Teh. :)

Philip said...

Dear leader will be deeply saddened with the online critics!
haha.. can't wait for a local Web 2.0 company's annual dinner to do a Monkey Developer dance!

Anonymous said...

PBB is successful, no doubt. Tan Sri had a lot to do with that, no doubt. The staff may love him, no doubt. But cult of personality and blind adulation is always a dangerous thing. It suggests a person can do no wrong, and can be used by said person to hide his flaws.

Unknown said...

Cult of personality - check. Blind adulation...well, how is that so? Some maybe, but I think (again, I think la...) most of them really idols him, hahaha.

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