Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Music Monday (That Is Two Days Late) Ramadhan Edition: Harapan Ramadhan

"Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan kali ini penuh makna, agar dapat ku lalui dengan sempurna."

Without realizing it, somehow Ramadhan has arrived once again. If you asked me a year ago, I couldn't ever imagine the changes and things that I have experienced within the past year.

A year ago, work was tough. Very tough. Still, I got a very loving girlfriend – we were together for the past 7 years - that helped me go through the tough times a lot. Truth to be told, she is pretty much my best friend. I got a bike; it was just a 7-years old 125cc scooter but still, it let me travel around to meet friends and do stuff. The only country I visited outside Malaysia as an adult was Singapore; went there pretty much every year since 2008. My musical instruments seemed to be gathering dust on permanent basis. Financially broke almost all the time.

This year, work is still tough but doesn’t feel as tough as before. They are getting more challenging as our organization is expanding (again) but I believe I’m able to manage things better. The girlfriend of 7 years left me which pretty much means I’ve also lost my dearest best friend as well. My 7 years old motorcycle finally gone for good, so now I’ve to move around using public transportation.

I’ve visited Singapore again few times (it’s my favourite country in the world, after all) but in addition to that, I was fortunate enough to check out Australia and United States as well. I’m now in a band called The Wishing and we just got our first gig few days ago. Still not financially well but I managed to eat fancy better food more often these days.

See, how much things have changed within just a year. I can’t tell you whether things are better or not but I’m certainly know that I’m not happier because I got nobody to share my life with anymore. More fulfilling life is maybe the word but with nobody to share stories on a more personal level, I feel it is pretty pointless. Still, I’m taking things as they come by, one after another.

That being said, Alhamdulillah, between all of these changes, my family and friends - old and newly found - are around to further support me going through these changes; whether in major or minor way. Hence, whenever Ramadhan arrived every year, I prayed and hoped that these great people in my life will be blessed with happiness and prosperity all the time. Of course, I did that every day but I do it more during this blessed month.

So, Happy Ramadhan everyone, may it treat all of you very well. :D


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