Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How The Music Making Nike Free Run+ Comes Into Reality

Fine beats, aren't them? Yes, those shoes on Hifana's hand are the Nike Free Run+ - the very shoe that I wrote here about a month ago.

My colleague, Lucas actually posted about them on Lowyat.NET front page. If you go into the fine details of the article, you would found out that these one-off custom shoes - means that, you are not able to find them among those Free Run+ at nearby Nike dealers - were fitted with sensors that are hooked up into a set of softwares and mixers, so that the shoe is able that response with mad beats to every bent, steps and etc.

Hence, making them 100% legit musical instruments. If you kinda skeptical about the shoes ability, then check out this awesome behind-the-scene video right after the break. It should be able to give you some clear picture of the whole music-shoe process.

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