Friday, November 6, 2009

O hai world, I iz back (again)!

Setup in progress.

How long have I been missing from blogging world? Quite a while I or two years? Doesn't matter, welcome to my new home!

Some of you might knew that I blogged at www.ChapreeDaGrande.NET before. No, I'm not ditching that site, in case you wondering. According to my site's provider, the site have some server issue but yes, it already like that for far too long. For now, I just have no time to bug provider and even if he managed to get it fix, I don't have time to  setup the site again which badly needs a redesign.

Ah well, I guess I'm stuck here for the time being. Here, I'm back to square one once again as I'm new to Blogger's system, although this is not my first blogging platform (1st was Tripod and 2nd - the ran on WordPress).

Here's to my new blog. Hope to be able to rant here daily, so do visit often yah? Yosh, ikimashou!

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