Friday, March 29, 2013

[Jom Kita Layaaaaan] Bila Pemain Manchester United Bertutur Bahasa Melayu Dengan Mamee Monster

Jika anda tak tahu (atau benci kepada Manchester United), Mamee Monster telah menjadi antara penaja terkini Manchester United. Tak sia-sia betul aku makan snek Mamee Monster drp kecik sampai la dah besor gajoh ni, bagi untung kat Mamee sampai boleh taja pasukan bolasepak Liga Perdana Inggeris kegemaran aku ni.

Sebagai penaja, benda yg paling biasa kita akan dapat lihat daripada adalah iklan dan yang ini adalah antara yang terbaru. Daripada gaya dialog, ini nampak memang khas untuk waktu cuti sekolah dan bagi aku, ianya juga telah dapat menonjolkan "bakat" yang terpendam di dalam pemain-pemain Manchester United yang terlibat.

Tapi, adakah anda sedar siapa pemain paling berbakat dalam iklan ini? Sudah tentu Nani. JOM KITA LAYAAAAAAAAAAAN. :D *mukatroll.jpg*

[Sumber: YouTube melalui MyManUtd]

Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Swoosh] Nike Kobe 8 System Easter Coming To Selected Outlets On March 29

This information might have reached sneakerheads and hypebeasts out there but in case you missed the notice or a fan of basketball especially if you are a Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan, there is a special Kobe 8 System coming to Malaysia on March 29 (that’s tomorrow!).

Made for this weekend’s Easter day, this particular Nike Basketball’s Kobe 8 System is draped in a mix of pastel-colored colorway that is inspired by Easter eggs decoration. Priced at RM 559, the Kobe 8 System Easter will only be available at Nike Stores Pavilion, Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC as well as Hoops Station Lot 10 together with Hip & Hoop branches in E@Curve and Penang’s Gurney Plaza.

[Vroom Vroom] The Making of a KTM Motorcycle

Three months ago, I finally bought myself a bike after 3 - 4 years of taking public transportation which started when my then 7-years-old scooter broke down for the nth time and I decided not to bother about repairing it anymore. The bike that I choose is a KTM. Specifically, a KTM Duke 200.

To some, KTM Duke 200 is not exactly a pure KTM breed as it was developed through a collaboration between KTM and an Indian company called Bajaj which eventually led to Duke 200 being manufactured in Bajaj’s factory. I don’t actually give a flying damn about that though – to me, the KTM Duke 200 is still as orange as those fully made in Austria.

Try ride the damn thing if you get the chance and you’ll feel it yourself too. Nope, you can’t ride my bike. Not a chance. :p

Oh right, melalut pulak gua. About this short video feature...well, I love checking out how cars/bike/stuff are made which is why I was so delighted when I saw this video. Furthermore, it is about KTM, so...hehehe. :D

The limited edition KTM 250 SX-F Ken Roczen bike.

Produced by the folks at Red Bull (which is also an Austrian company just like KTM), it focuses on KTM’s motocross bikes which I guess because the company is well known for those bikes. Nevertheless, I believe all the things that the KTM folks talked in the video applies to all types of bikes (and car- yeah, the outfit actually made a car called X-Bow) that KTM manufactured there.

This feature is too short though and didn’t touch on other type of bikes that KTM has. It is a nicely produced video though, so yeah...

On another hand, KTM’s own blog has posted several awesome behind-the-scenes feature of their own as well which covers several areas such as its engine plant, KTM RC250R racing bike and Red Bull KTM Ajo Factory Team’s 2013 RC250GP Moto3 bike. Do check it out if you love bikes and motorsports, in general.

Me and my KTM Duke 200. :D

By the way, do excuse me if this sounds so cheesy and syok sendiri but…damn, I love my KTM Duke 200. *megustaface.jpg*

Monday, March 25, 2013

[Music Monday] Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses, Live at 2013 Formula One Petronas Malaysia GP

While the show might not be featuring the band's original line-up apart from Axl, I still immensely enjoyed the post-race concert by Guns N' Roses at Sepang International Circuit during the 2013 Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix. At the very least, I finally got see the band performed all my favorite GnR songs such as this one below:

After a whole day at the circuit, my Nokia Lumia 920's battery was almost flat out and Welcome To The Jungle was the only song that I managed to capture last night. If you felt that Axl's voice doesn't have much ummpph in this song, I can't blame you as I felt the same way too. That being said, this song was played quite early in the band's 2-hours set and to me, Axl's voice gradually improved as the show goes by.

I wonder who will the Malaysian GP folks bring to KL for next year's race. Can we have Metallica or Foo Fighters plz? :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Free Stuff] Last Call To Win Red Bull Racing Merch & Malaysian F1 Grandstand Tickets From Red Bull and Lowyat.NET

At the time this post is written, you have less than 2 hours to win these merch from Red Bull Racing - just in time for this week's Malaysian F1 GP. In case you missed the notice, these freebies are up for grabs through THIS special contest that Lowyat.NET held together with Red Bull Blue & Silver (the one from Europe).

Here's a detailed breakdown of the menu:

2 x Red Bull Racing Backpacks, valued at RM239.80 each
2 x Red Bull Racing Messenger Bags, valued at RM279.00 each
1 x Red Bull Racing Race Watch, valued at RM359.80
2 x Grandstand tickets to the Malaysian F1 GP, valued at RM 770 each

Yup, a pair of grandstand tickets too, baby. The clock is ticking fast, so head on Lowyat.NET right now to win. Go go go!

Monday, March 18, 2013

[What’s Up] Sound City Screening At The Bee Tomorrow!

It sounds like I’m the last one who heard the news (I somehow missed the notice on LYN's sister site but yeah, apparently there will be a screening of Dave Grohl’s Sound City at 9PM tomorrow, March 18 at The Bee in Publika. AWWW YISSS~

Some of you might have already know that I already watched Sound City before as I bought the digital version of the movie from its official website right on its premier night last month but I’m still excited for the screening and if weather permits, I’m so going to be there to watch it.

Doesn't matter if this is the n-th I’m watching the move (heck, I go the documentary inside my own Nokia Lumia 920 – I kinda used the documentary to test sound output on review devices these days) but it’s Sound City weh! Plus, it costs only RM 10 and the proceeds will be passed to charity. I don't fancy going to Publika even though I’ve my own transportation now but this is definitely a must-attend occasion.

So, who’s with me? In case you need more consideration, check out my review of Sound City right here and I’ll see you tomorrow at The Bee! :D

[Thanks for the tips, Albert!]

[Music Monday] You Can’t Fix This By Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Rami Jaffee

“You can’t fix this, you lost a friend,
Hearts breaking, right and left,
Friendships break like glass...and the devil pours another glass.”

I don’t actually know why I like this song. Is it the lyrics? Is it the music by Dave Grohl and the gang? Is it the infectious vocals by Stevie Nicks? Maybe because I love Sound City so much?

Well, it could be all the reason above. But if there’s one thing really true about those lyrics is that never dance with the devil. He will surely burn you down.

[Video: Sound City. Image: NME]

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[For Teh LULZ] How A Biker Goes To Toilet: Pemalas Level Nokharom or Hardcore Bike Lover?

I don’t whether the biker loves the bike so much or just plain lazy mofo. Nevertheless, that’s quite a cool way to visit the loo…wait a minute…why and how the heck the fella brought the bike to the room?

You just got to love Internet lulz.

[Source: YouTube via a friend’s Facebook page]

Monday, March 11, 2013

[For Teh LULZ] Harlem Shake Motorsports Edition: Featuring Daytona 500 Winner, KTM Racing, Red Bull Racing Aus and MXGP Riders

Ah, Harlem Shake...everyone does it. Okay, maybe not Lowyat.NET team (we don’t have time for it…YET) but really, everybody are really into it including the fearless drivers and riders of motorsports world. One - Jimmie Johnson - even did it after winning the Daytona 500. What a way to celebrate eh?

Here are few more from the motorsports world including outfits such as KTM Racing, Red Bull Racing Australia and the whole MXGP riders. There are more of them on ze YouTube, so enjoice! *shakes*

Friday, March 1, 2013

[Swoosh] Quick Look: The 2013 French National Football Team Away Kit

Brazil is not the only national team that has receive a new kit from Nike Football recently as just few days ago the company has unveiled the new away kit for the French national football team. Built with the same environmental-friendly method and material as well as performance features like the Brazilian kit, the new French away kit seems to be quite a departure from last year’s kit that the team wore in Euro 2012.

First off, the 2013 kit is in pale blue instead of 2012’s white. In addition to that, there’s also the signature tricolore detailing of red, white and blue on its sleeve. That being said, Nike Football has still maintain the long-time “Nos differences nous unissent” (“Our differences unite us”) motto inside the 2013 away kit.

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