Monday, March 18, 2013

[What’s Up] Sound City Screening At The Bee Tomorrow!

It sounds like I’m the last one who heard the news (I somehow missed the notice on LYN's sister site but yeah, apparently there will be a screening of Dave Grohl’s Sound City at 9PM tomorrow, March 18 at The Bee in Publika. AWWW YISSS~

Some of you might have already know that I already watched Sound City before as I bought the digital version of the movie from its official website right on its premier night last month but I’m still excited for the screening and if weather permits, I’m so going to be there to watch it.

Doesn't matter if this is the n-th I’m watching the move (heck, I go the documentary inside my own Nokia Lumia 920 – I kinda used the documentary to test sound output on review devices these days) but it’s Sound City weh! Plus, it costs only RM 10 and the proceeds will be passed to charity. I don't fancy going to Publika even though I’ve my own transportation now but this is definitely a must-attend occasion.

So, who’s with me? In case you need more consideration, check out my review of Sound City right here and I’ll see you tomorrow at The Bee! :D

[Thanks for the tips, Albert!]

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