Monday, March 25, 2013

[Music Monday] Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses, Live at 2013 Formula One Petronas Malaysia GP

While the show might not be featuring the band's original line-up apart from Axl, I still immensely enjoyed the post-race concert by Guns N' Roses at Sepang International Circuit during the 2013 Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix. At the very least, I finally got see the band performed all my favorite GnR songs such as this one below:

After a whole day at the circuit, my Nokia Lumia 920's battery was almost flat out and Welcome To The Jungle was the only song that I managed to capture last night. If you felt that Axl's voice doesn't have much ummpph in this song, I can't blame you as I felt the same way too. That being said, this song was played quite early in the band's 2-hours set and to me, Axl's voice gradually improved as the show goes by.

I wonder who will the Malaysian GP folks bring to KL for next year's race. Can we have Metallica or Foo Fighters plz? :D

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