Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Blog Post of 2014: Right From The Top of A Hill

So, I start 2014 with something that I never done before. Actually, it's more like I don't want to because I thought it is a monumental task. Turns out, I did it alright and I actually enjoyed it: riding my bike to Genting Highlands.

Yeah, I know I made it sounds so dramatic and all but I'm actually scared to do it. Really...I bought the KTM 200 Duke just for me to get around. Truly, I'm not much of your typical "biker" here.

That being said, my friend from Singapore recently came down to KL with his Aprilia RS 125, threw the idea, and insisted we go there. So, challenge accepted loh...

Fast forward to today, 4 January, here I am at Genting Highlands once again. There's a good reason why but that's a story for another time. Since I'm here, thought of writing the first post of the year on top of the hill. Macam poyo...well, memang poyo pun. :3

So, 2014. I want to write more on this blog. I don't want it to lay dormant any more and I want to write more personal posts.

In general, I feel that personal blog have become unpersonal and "commercialized". Additionally, I feel that I have been caught in the hype as well. So, I want to get more personal once again although you can still me blabbering about my love for Nike, KTM bikes, Red Bull (and their shenanigans), and plenty of other random things. That one...can't be helped, they are just things that I love, to be frank. :3

All in all, I just want to write more for 2014 on this blog. Think of it like a new year resolution. One of many, actually.

Anyway, happy new year to everyone and may the odds will be in our favour throughout 2014. :D

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