Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mother of Boot: World's Largest Boot by Red Wing Shoes - US Size 638 ½ D

Am not a boot or Red Wing Shoes fan but god damn, that is serious one huge boot. Measured as US size 638 ½ D (!!!), this boot was crafted to celebrate the shoe company's 100th anniversary in 2005. Apparently, the boot was built by more than 60 personnel and required more than a year to be completed.

The Big Boot, as they called it, traveled around United States in 2006 - 2007 and was then kept for storage before being displayed at its current location: the company's flagship store in Red Wing, Minnesota, US. I only have one comment for it: "MOTHER OF BOOTS!" :o

Source: Red Wing Shoe Company via High Snobiety.

P/S: Over here in KL, you can check out couple of Red Wing Shoes over at Sole What in The Gardens or 1 Utama. Pricing? Well, if I must say...ain't cheap, bro. Quality stuff there.

ChapStyle: A Brief Look At The Levi's Commuter Series Jeans

A rather interesting upcoming release by Levi's, the Commuter Series is designed for bicycle riders and with the rising number of riders - road bike, mountain bike, BMX or fixies: all included - here in the country, the timing seems to be just right. I'm not a rider myself these days but I can't help but to be intrigued by couple of features that Levi's has included in the collection especially in its jeans.

First being the waistband that is specially designed to hold a U-lock - rather than hanging them with your belt - together with water resistant, dirt repellent and odor protection treatment that Levi's has applied to the jeans. I really like the water-resistant treatment since you know lah...the weather in Malaysia is pretty wet these days (LOL).

To some extent, I like the waistband as well since think I can use it to hang my screwdrivers, pen or any given tools that I might used while troubleshooting and reviewing stuff at opis. Not to forget that 3M reflective tape on the interior cuffs as well - looks kinda cool when you like to fold your jeans like I do.

My only beef with the Levi's Commuter Series jeans is the 511 slim cutting. I know, I know - slim cut is the rage these days (ok, I confess I do own one or two pairs of slim cut jeans but none of them are those balls-tight jeans...dude, GIVE YOUR BALLS SOME BREATHING SPACE LAH!) but seriously, I'm more a regular cut dude.

I can't guess how much the Levi's Commuter Series is going to cost when it comes to here - Levi's Malaysia has somewhat confirmed it - but my guess it is going to be a little bit higher than your standard Levi's.

Source: Levi's US and Hypebeast.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Avengers Receives Another Trailer: Less of Stark's Sassy Talk, A Lil Bit of Drama and WTF With That Fying Thing...

Ok, maybe this new trailer showed less of Tony Stark a.k.a the Iron Man talking smack right at the face of his enemy but still looked pretty good. Meanwhile...WTF IS THAT HUGE THING AT THE END OF THE TRAILER? :o

Well, there are only two months to go before The Avengers hits the cinema. Can't wait. WOHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Music Friday: Foo Fighters' Rope by Kyoto Protocol

Today, right at this time, I'm supposed to be at The Padang, Singapore to rock out with Foo Fighters. Unfortunately, Dave Grohl was advised to rest his vocals by doctors, so the show was canceled a week ago which left many of us devastated. D: Nevertheless, I'm still wishing Dave a speedy recovery and looking forward to check them out next time.

So, as a substitute, here's a cover of Foo Fighters' Rope by our own homeboy Kyoto Protocol at the recent Hitz.FM Birthday Invasion Party. I once tweeted that if Foo Fighters going to have a show in Kuala Lumpur and looking for an opening band, these guys should be the top candidate. Seriously.

Source: Kyoto Protocol

Thursday, March 1, 2012

BRASILception: Brasil Players Meet Themselves In New Nike Football Advert

Sometimes, you are your own foe. Featuring the new home and away kit for Brasil, this latest ads by Nike - who always churn out great ads; still remember Write The Future campaign? - captured that message very well. Well, I'm sure these top-level football players think of that sometimes especially for Brazilian players who have glorious heritage in the game.

These days I think myself as my own enemy too at times. Not because I'm a winner but instead, it's the other way around. I need to defeat my bad self to become better. For the greatness. To make it count.

A friend told me there is a hidden message on the 26 seconds mark of the advert but till now I still couldn't decipher it. Let me know if you are able to; check out the video through the read more link below.

Source: Nike Futebol via Average Joe

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