Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ChapStyle: A Brief Look At The Levi's Commuter Series Jeans

A rather interesting upcoming release by Levi's, the Commuter Series is designed for bicycle riders and with the rising number of riders - road bike, mountain bike, BMX or fixies: all included - here in the country, the timing seems to be just right. I'm not a rider myself these days but I can't help but to be intrigued by couple of features that Levi's has included in the collection especially in its jeans.

First being the waistband that is specially designed to hold a U-lock - rather than hanging them with your belt - together with water resistant, dirt repellent and odor protection treatment that Levi's has applied to the jeans. I really like the water-resistant treatment since you know lah...the weather in Malaysia is pretty wet these days (LOL).

To some extent, I like the waistband as well since think I can use it to hang my screwdrivers, pen or any given tools that I might used while troubleshooting and reviewing stuff at opis. Not to forget that 3M reflective tape on the interior cuffs as well - looks kinda cool when you like to fold your jeans like I do.

My only beef with the Levi's Commuter Series jeans is the 511 slim cutting. I know, I know - slim cut is the rage these days (ok, I confess I do own one or two pairs of slim cut jeans but none of them are those balls-tight jeans...dude, GIVE YOUR BALLS SOME BREATHING SPACE LAH!) but seriously, I'm more a regular cut dude.

I can't guess how much the Levi's Commuter Series is going to cost when it comes to here - Levi's Malaysia has somewhat confirmed it - but my guess it is going to be a little bit higher than your standard Levi's.

Source: Levi's US and Hypebeast.

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