Thursday, March 1, 2012

BRASILception: Brasil Players Meet Themselves In New Nike Football Advert

Sometimes, you are your own foe. Featuring the new home and away kit for Brasil, this latest ads by Nike - who always churn out great ads; still remember Write The Future campaign? - captured that message very well. Well, I'm sure these top-level football players think of that sometimes especially for Brazilian players who have glorious heritage in the game.

These days I think myself as my own enemy too at times. Not because I'm a winner but instead, it's the other way around. I need to defeat my bad self to become better. For the greatness. To make it count.

A friend told me there is a hidden message on the 26 seconds mark of the advert but till now I still couldn't decipher it. Let me know if you are able to; check out the video through the read more link below.

Source: Nike Futebol via Average Joe

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