Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mother of Boot: World's Largest Boot by Red Wing Shoes - US Size 638 ½ D

Am not a boot or Red Wing Shoes fan but god damn, that is serious one huge boot. Measured as US size 638 ½ D (!!!), this boot was crafted to celebrate the shoe company's 100th anniversary in 2005. Apparently, the boot was built by more than 60 personnel and required more than a year to be completed.

The Big Boot, as they called it, traveled around United States in 2006 - 2007 and was then kept for storage before being displayed at its current location: the company's flagship store in Red Wing, Minnesota, US. I only have one comment for it: "MOTHER OF BOOTS!" :o

Source: Red Wing Shoe Company via High Snobiety.

P/S: Over here in KL, you can check out couple of Red Wing Shoes over at Sole What in The Gardens or 1 Utama. Pricing? Well, if I must say...ain't cheap, bro. Quality stuff there.

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