Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Story Behind McFly's Jacket From Back To The Future II

Apart of the awesome Nike MAG shoes made a lot of people go nuts including yours truly, the guys at the Swoosh - led by the legendary Tinker Hatfield - have actually designed yet another signature prop for Back To The Future II: the Marty McFly's jacket.  Personally, I don't find the jacket is as beautiful or futuristic as the Nike MAG shoe in terms of aesthetic. In fact, it actually looked like Micheal Jackson's Thriller orange jacket to me. Not saying that the Thriller jacket ain't great - heck, I would definitely get one if I got the means to obtain it - but both of them were so...80's.

Of course, it were the features like self-fitting and self-drying system that grabbed a lot of attention. I wonder if this jacket actually inspired them to create Dri-Fit fabric since that name itself kinda described both of the jacket functions. Too bad they didn't produced it alongside the 2011 Nike MAG (which I'm gonna check out in the next ChapKixView).

Sure, the MAG shoe most probably will be more popular than the jacket if they get to be released together but nevertheless, I believe a lot of Back To The Future fans, science fiction geeks, movie buff, Swoosh fiends and fashion connoisseurs out there would still want a piece of the McFly's jacket.


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