Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Back Into The Year 2009

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Tong sampah la gamaknya.

Hmm, looking back at 2009...well, it has a fair share of ups and downs. For the first half of the year, it was relatively quiet as I went through classes and all the jazz of college life of a (super) senior.

Second half of 2009 was the period that actually defined my year. I became a full time writer while at the same time, went through my industrial training. Once the training ended, I went back to uni, finished the first part of my final year project and a math class; in between writing duty.

In terms of competitive gaming, there was not much event for us racing gamers and event at those events, my performances was quite bad - 5th place at Go.ESC and 4th place at CELgames'09. Of course, there were also Top 8 at WCG Asian Championship'09 in Guitar Hero World Tour but I qualified to the event just because I'm 2008 rep. It was a rather complicated circumstances which would take another post to explain, so I'm gonna let it be.

Along the way, I also faced with some difficulties. First being the bike accident which left my knees swallon for few months and my movement got restricted for quite a while. Then, my grand dad past away due to cardiac arrest and last not least, the family's favorite cat - Buncit - past away due to kidney failure. She might be just a cat but she is a family too.

Of course, there is another difficulty which has been plaguing me for the past two months but I rather not discuss it here because 1. it's too private; 2. I don't want to be thought as finger pointer or a whiner; 3. it will most probably bore you to death.

So, that's pretty much summed up my 2009. I want to have a fresh start in 2010. Let this be the starting point. :)

P/S: Take a look at Multiplay.LYN New Year's post as well. ;)

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