Monday, January 25, 2010

King Roo Roo Roo Ney Hits The Target, Accuracy Brings The Goal.

Accuracy is a potent weapon. Just see what Rooney did against Hull City last Saturday - not one, not two...but four freaking goals. There could be more but it was enough to put moi favorite team on top of the league. Even if it is not going to be for long.

Of course, all the goals would not be possible without the collective efforts from everybody at the most glorious team on earth that is Manchester United. Some also said that Hull City was too easy...whatever, man. Three goals in just 10 minutes; Rooney was just plain ridiculous that night.

Oh, wassup with this new vid from Nike Football? Spot fellow Nike Total 90 Laser III owner - Fernando Torres - there? He scored hatrick against Hull City too, back in September. Don't think it was a coincidence there. ;)

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