Monday, April 5, 2010

Reviewed @ Lowyat.NET: Razer Orochi Bluetooth Laser Gaming Mouse

The Razer Orochi Bluetooth Laser Gaming Mouse. Yes, a bit handful there, I know.

Man, when was the last time I did a post on this series? January? WTF...ok, let's play some catch-up game then.

Back in January, I received a rather special product for review - a wireless mouse. Not any ordinary wireless mouse, its is a wireless GAMING mouse. I rolled my eyes and then said, "Gaming-grade wireless mouse? Really?".

You see, in general, gamers does not believe in wireless mouse. The reason is pretty simple - lag or latency. Not to forget, this particular product is a Bluetooth wireless mouse some more which has a rather poor history when it comes to performance.

But then, this is a product from world-famous Razer. As they are strictly performance-oriented outfit, they must know what are they doing when they choose to develop the Razer Orochi Bluetooth Laser Gaming Mouse. That being said, my skepticism has to be maintained. Plus, my history with other Bluetooth mouse were just bad. So I only have one requirement for Orochi: it must not suck as many other Bluetooth mouse out there.

Well, how it turned out in the end? Aha...for that, you just have to find out the full lowdown yourself, by checking out the full review at Lowyat.NET. =D

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