Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Is What You Need To Play Racing Games Properly

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  1. The game itself.
  2. Your gaming platform.
  3. A good steering wheel.
  4. A pair of racing shoes.
  5. If you want, add gloves and helmet.

Yup, I bought the new Need for Speed game; the Shift 2: Unleashed for our office’s PlayStation 3 after much (err...not really) consideration on my Facebook’s wall. I’m still in the early phase of the game, so can’t really say much about the game yet.

Meanwhile, how the fuck can you flip an all-wheel drive car that is the Audi Quatrro TT without any valid reason? Apparently, our friend from Stuff Malaysia - Nigel - can. LOL.


Boxman said...

It's okay, but why you tied the shoes to the wheel? :)

Unknown said...'s my attempt to be "artful", lol

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