Monday, September 16, 2013

[Huiyoh] Volvo Demonstrates Steering System By Letting...A Hamster Drive Their Truck

Volvo: what the first thing that usually pop up on you mind when that name is mentioned? In my humble opinion, the brand definitely have seen better days but safety is still one of those thing that the brand still excels and well-known for.

That being said, I don’t know how real this demonstration is. Nevertheless, having a hamster (the animal, not Richard Hammond) drive a damn truck to demonstrate Volvo Dynamic Steering system on the truck is an instant viral gold.

Volvo’s other YouTube video which depicts Claes Nilsson, the President of Volvo Trucks himself standing on a Volvo FMX truck (the same model used in the hamster video above) elevated over water to demonstrate the truck’s hook is quite interesting as well.

It’s apparently quite real and was done in a single take. Hmm.

[Source: Volvo Trucks @ YouTube]

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