Monday, September 16, 2013

[Hari Malaysia]: "Harimau Malaya, Everywhere" - My Little Tale For 50×50 My Malaysia Project

If you have been reading this blog or stalked followed all my rants + nonsense through Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, you might have noticed that I like to wear our national football team - the Harimau Malaya - jersey whenever I was on assignment outside the country.

The reason? Well, that is the subject of my...I actually don’t know what to call it – short story, article, blog post, writings...entitled “Harimau Malaya, Everywhere” that I wrote for 50x50 My Malaysia project by Niki Cheong.

Somehow, it was one of the first story to be published on 50x50 My Malaysia’s site. Plus, it went online on 31 August - right on our Merdeka Day. Wow.

Check it out right here at 50x50 My Malaysia’s website and don't forget to check out the 50x50 My Malaysia physical exhibition itself over at the Level 5 and 6 (Link Bridge) of Pavilion KL from today, Hari Malaysia, 16 September onwards till 22 September to see and learn about the whole 50x50 My Malaysia project.

Much thanks to Niki for actually considering my silly little tale to be part of the project. :D

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