Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Lowyat.TV] Weekly News Show Episode 5: Featuring Nintendo 2DS, i-mobile IQ XA, Nokia 515, Youth Communication Package and More

Do you know that Lowyat.NET now have a weekly news show on YouTube? Yes, we do and yours truly is one of the hosts alongside our fearless captain, Mr. Lucas Lau together with another writer (also the token pretty boy of the team...he's still single, ladies), Pang.

In general, our weekly show acts as a brief video recap for a number of selected news on Lowyat.NET. We've actually been doing this for the past few weeks and in fact, the video below is our fifth episode.

Do visit our YouTube channel over at if you want to see previous episodes as well subscribe to the channel for our future episodes and features. Alternatively, you can just visit my blog every week to see the latest episode every week. :p

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