Monday, July 15, 2013

[Huiyoh] Nizam Lee - The Malaysian Skater Featured On The Berrics. Dayum.

If you a skateboarder or appreciate the art that is skateboarding, you definitely have come across The Berrics. Believe it or not, the world famous private skatepark by two legends in skateboard world - Steve Berra and Eric Koston - which also spawned an equally famous website (, duh) has recently featured a skater from Malaysia.

That skater is Nizam Lee, which indeed one of the best skateboarder in the country. Just check out this sentence: "Nizam Lee has one of meanest hardflips in the game,". Dayuummmm, son.

Just head on to The Berrics to see the proof for yourself. Here's hoping to see Nizam on Battle at The Berrics soon enough. :D

[via Wheel Love Skateshop]

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