Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chap Run Chap: 2012 Is The Year to #MakeItCount

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Towards the finish line at Nike We Run KL 2011. (Photo courtesy of Cheem Photography)

Just like what I've mentioned in previous post, it has been almost one month since I last ran. Hence, it is now time to get my butt off the chair (as well as the non-stop food munching) and kick start the program for 2012.

For the time being, I've yet to decide which event I'm going to participate in 2012 but standard events such as Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon, Malakoff 12K KL and Nike We Run KL are already shortlisted by default in my calendar. I also plan to participate in Nike We Run series in other countries such as Singapore and South Korea (yes, blame Running Man for this! xD ) but of course, that depends on available time and financial resources.

In terms of distance, I want to keep it within 15km once again but this year, the target is to DESTROY and ANNIHILATE my Personal Best (PB) for 10K which currently stands at 1h 10m 15s. I want to make sure that I set a good benchmark before I move on to longer distance.

So in summary, my objectives in 2012 are very simple: go faster and finish stronger. Not to forget, it is also the year to make it count. Let's do this! :D

Don't forget to add me on Nike+ through this profile: my.nike.com/chapree. See you on the road! :D

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