Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day At Nike Football Elite Training Live Session

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 11

Around two weeks ago, Lowyat.NET was invited by Nike Malaysia to check out their new football grassroot program - through their partnership with Football Association of Malaysia - called Nike Elite Training Live. Taken place at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya, it was not a normal boring presentation since they actually put me and fellow media friends in the field to taste the training ourselves; which are based on Nike Football+ Master Control series developed by Juventus FC.

So, there we were with the Dri-Fit complete jerseys together and the new T90 Laser III boots. Enough with words then; roll on the pics!

Caution: Image-heavy post!

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 20
The media people. Spot any celebrities?

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 03
Marketing Manager of Nike Malaysia, Menaha Nadaraja welcomed the soon to be "masak" jornos to the camp.

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 06
Tu dia, Coach Raja...our national football coach. Giving some motivational speech, hehehe~. Man, Coach can really speak. I was really impressed.

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 22
Nike Malaysia's Product Specialist, Wong Li Zren explained the tech of T90 Laser III that we media folks used during the training.

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 08
"We going to treat you just like a real football player." - Coach Aminuddin of Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil, chief coach of the program. Another sign that we going to kena masak on the field.

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 09
Pre-training video briefing from the Nike Football+ program. This what made the interactive coaching program so awesome as you load them up to iPhone or iPod Touch to be viewed anywhere.

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 12
Introducing, my team mates during the training. In blue are the kids from Sekolah Menengah Raja Abdullah, KL; while in red are journos, of course. Very nice peeps, all.

Srs bizniz here. Thus, the undivided attention.

Man, I look nice and horrible at the same time.

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 17
Penat bang? XD

[100210]Nike Elite Training Live - 21
Another group photo; this time, everybody included!

More at Lowyat.NET Flickr gallery (

Really, once you on the field with the FAM coaches, it was totally different. Seems easy in the videos, but the training was actually quite intensive till one jorno (not me!) actually puked half-way through it. Even I myself who've been to gym for the past few months felt pretty challenged. It also doesn't really help that I haven't play football for quite a while. XD

If you curious what they put us into, these are the drills which you can check out at (choose All Accuracy Videos):

  • Direct Shot: Easy
  • Direct Shot: Medium
  • Dribble + Shoot: Easy
  • Direct Shot with Rotation

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Wish I could experience when I was younger...but then, isn't that mean I should already be a professional footballer now? Impossible, LOL.

Stay tuned for my impression of the new Nike T90 Laser III football. ;)

[images: Lowyat.NET and Nike Malaysia]


Ken Wooi said...

looks cool.. i saw the event on tv few days ago =)

Unknown said...

It was cool indeed. Eh, what show on TV? Want to see also...XD

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